I love the snow, it's so beautiful. It's just like you, except you are something more magical.

Twinkle, twinkle upon the snow

Shine for me and I will glow

Fall upon my face and I will giggle

Showing that not everything that falls is bad and evil


I raise my face to catch the flakes

They're freezing cold but they grant me their grace

I breathe in their wisps, my breath puffing white

And then throw my snowball with all my might


It hits you in the face and you fall to the ground

I smile then laugh and run around

''That was fucking cold you little brat!

Don't run from me i'll get you for that!''


I run as fast as my long legs could carry

You run a little slower but with snowballs as your quarry

You throw them all, hoping they'd hit

Most of the do but some of them miss


Damn the bad luck as I trip and fall

I turn to glance back, you have one last snowball

I grin a little innocently and brace myself

And hope to god that that snowball would melt


But once again my luck dies and fails

You smile and snicker, mine gulps and pales

You walk to me calmly, bring me up and say

''You see Sam, I told you I'd get my way''


You give me one split second before you step forward and react

You shove it down my shirt, the ball tight and compact

My breath leaves me in a furry, only feeling the cold

You laugh at my face, not waiting to see what my wrath could behold


It's now you who runs and I who chases

The snow is still in my shirt, it slides down as I shake it

I gain my ground and pounce on your back

We fall to the ground, hitting the snow with a 'thwack'


''don't get mad get even'' I whisper in your ear

I snicker as I do this, grabbing the snow to smear

You turn in my grasp, and flip us around

And so now it's me whose face ends up in the freezing cold ground


I shake my head, unsurprised

''You always win to my demise

Not that I mind, no definitely not

But can the loser get the Coco that's hot?''


You chuckle despite yourself, a smile lights your face

It shines down at me, and now I'm awe-struck in place

You shake your head and ruffle my hair

''Of course you goof, it's not like I care''


I grin in relief and chuckle in delight

Smiling innocently I say ''so no more snowball fights?''

You raise your eyebrows suspiciously, thinking something's amiss

Successfully I've distracted you, so I lean up and steal a deep kiss


My breath is no longer white but a great puffy cloud

It covers us in its warmth, surrounding us in its shroud

The trees around us bristle and shiver

The wind picks up bringing its secrets in whispers


Alas this is where I leave you with only your brain

''Oh my god what happened did it suddenly start to rain?!''

No that wasn't what happened, my luck isn't that pitiful

But what I can tell you that what happened was something magical

Written for you, with you in my head – I actually wrote this when I went to bed ^^

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