A/N: Okay, so these are some of my poems from when I was a freshman, and they pretty much suck. I'd never really written poetry before, so this was pretty bad stuff. I'll put a couple together in here, so it doesn't seem so short. I guess I could call this the beginner's collection. Lol. Tell me what you think of my horrid, very old poetry. :P


I know it's an unrequited crush, but I still can't get you off my mind.

When I think of you, it's almost as if, I've left the world behind.

I know you think of me, as just a silly friend,

But I hope you know, that I'll be there for you, until the very end.


God, oh God, why must my life suck.

I bet you all just don't give a f*&^

Oh, "Watch out!," "Look out!" and don't forget to "Duck,"

Because this mad horse, is about to buck.

The neighing and swaying and feeling and dealing,

With this day that has been most unappealing.

Man, I can't deal with this life anymore.

Oh, great. And to add, it's begun, now, to pour.

Now I can't go outside, and I'm stuck by myself.

Why don't you just set me back up on my shelf.

Where I will sit, and most surely rot,

As I sit and stew, in my own lost thought.

The World We Live In

Why is the news of the world so sad?

Why must everything, look so bad?

What happened to peace, happines, and love,

Where everything we got, we thanked the stars above.

When can we go back, to what we had?

Where liberty and justice, made us all glad.

I can't believe what the world has come to,

Paying millions and billions for wars to ensue.

I want a world, where no problems occur,

And all we do, is be happy and friendly and sure.

Pondering the World Today

Why are we hooked on liquor and drugs?

What's with all these gangs and thugs?

Violence and sex in every movie,

What happened to good ol' PG-13?

Why has the world become a hazardous place?

I will ponder this all, as I think in my place.

How I Hate Math

Why the hell, do we need math?

It's not like it'll affect my career path.

Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing,

All of these numbers and letters colliding.

When did numbers join the alphabet?

All the teachers made it up, I bet.

God, I hate math, more than you know.

Math drives me crazy, doesn't it show?

First Kiss

What is sweeter, than a first kiss?

It is something, you surely will miss.

After it's done, you can't take it back.

It's done, it's over, and now you will pack

Away the memories of that first kiss.

A feeling and action, you surely, will miss.

Today's Teenagers

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Go stuff your face with that pizza pie.

I don't care about your hair.

I don't want to see your underwear,

So pull up your pants and don't let them sag.

It's almost as stupid, as a do' rag.

I don't need your pressure, I can think on my own.

Drugs and alcohol at your party, I should've known.

That's why I didn't go to your stupid soirée.

What's the point if guys try to get me their way?

I'm not gonna do it, that's a definite no.

I think, instead, I'll just go to the show,

With my boyfriend of a few weeks,

Who hasn't tried to steal any peeks,

Up my skirts, or down my shirts,

Because he's not a jerk, like all of you flirts.

Now leave me alone, you nasty sicko,

I have nothing to say, except no, I won't go,

Into the bedroom to sleep with you.

And now that I'm done, talking to you,

I'm going to go talk to her,

With that decision, I'm very sure.

You have no right to call me a name.

If you do, I will surely bring you shame.

Don't call me a b*&%^, a slut, or a ho,

'Cause what I'm about, you don't even know!

And now that I've left you with that fine thought,

What you were about to bring, has already been brought

(Lmao. Can you tell I was like fourteen? Lol.)

Kissy Couplet

A kiss on the neck, a kiss on the cheek.

A kiss on the lips, makes your knees go weak.

A/N: That's it for my silly Freshman ramblings. Next will probably be a poem worth reading and then maybe my Sophomore ramblings lol.