A little white kitten opened her now bright green eyes. She wasn't exactly speaking fluently enough to be understood well, but she tried.


Her own soft timid voice was frightening to her at first, but she had soon gotten use to it. She looked at the rest of the family. Her siblings were all bigger than her and were all black. Even her parents were black cats.

So this is me she thought, the runt and the oddball. Am I to live like this, so different from my family? Am I to live under these circumstances for the rest of my life? Why not just be gone now and save all the pain and hurt?

A sharp voice cut into the snow white kitten's thoughts.



"Oh Snowball, you've finally opened your eyes. Since I'm here you can have first pick."

She lowered her bulk body to the ground, allowing snowball to drink her sweet warm milk. She heard her brothers and sisters coming, so she drank as mush as she could before the impending rush reached her mother's nipple. She decided she could drink milk later, so she jumped to the other side of her mother and took a nap by her head.