Corey watched Matilda with a look of utter fascination. He had never seen anyone dance with fire before, not like this. All around them were people, students; teachers; graduates, dancing around any one of the giant bonfires, but Matilda danced with the flames twisting around her body. It seemed so intimate, the way the fire moved around her, like a lover almost.

Looking over her shoulder, Matilda caught his gaze and laughed in sheer delight. Twisting and turning in the firelight she danced for him for a few short minutes before she lost herself again in the heat and the drum.

He loved to watch Matilda dance, more so because she derived so much enjoyment out of such a simple activity. He also envied her, she was grace personified. He could never move the way she did, but he had his own delight. Closing his eyes he felt the wind pick up and flow around him, like a the flow of life itself. Standing he joined her in the dance, wielding the wind as she did her flame.

They moved together, mingling in the flickering light of the flame and the flurry of the wind, mixing and mingling in a way that couldn't happen with physical bodies. Air and fire mingling and feeding from each other.