Charles Owens had never expected to receive an invitation to Brentwood Academy of Magic. All the mages in his family were Clairvoyants, and powerful ones, as far back as could be traced. But, his "Sight" was so weak that it was a bare glimmer to his younger sisters shining sun of a gift.

So, when a representative had appeared at his door at 9 in the morning on the first Sunday Of March with an invite to enter the Academy, he wasn't the only person to be surprised.

Sitting on the couch after fetching tea and coffee from the kitchen, he fidgeted as the elderly man talked quietly with his parents.

"Are you sure that you have the right name?" Donna, Charlie's mother, asked. "Perhaps you're meant to offer this invitation to our daughter, Samantha?" Her eyes flickered over to were Samantha sat. "She has such a powerful gift, even so young, and Charles barely has any gift at all."

"No ma'am, Charles was tagged using a sixth level fire based magic."

"Oh now You must have the wrong child, no one in our family would present with fire magic. All our mages are air based, precognitive and the like you see." Donna cast a Look at her son, "Plus I am sure that we would know if Charles was gifted enough for sixth level magics of any type."

The man, who had introduced himself as Eric Jefferson, frowned as he summoned a small pile of papers from his briefcase. After consulting it for a few moments, he responded.

"No, it very clearly says:

Charles Nathaniel Owens

Son of Donna Jane Owens and Jacob Andrew Owens

aged 12

manifested level six fire based magic February 17th 4:17pm

Creative form

So, you see, there isn't any mix up." Jefferson handed the top page to Charles' mother and she stared down at it with tight lipped displeasure.

Curiously, Charlie took the paper from his mother's hand and gave it a quick read through, eyebrow raised.

"I was at music lessons on the 17th." He commented in a quiet voice. "I would have remembered …" Trailing off as his eyes widened, and he sat with a thud. "Jamie…Jamie, a friend of mine, was having a bad day, so I played for her a bit. The teacher was late that day, but by the time I was finished Jamie was in the best mood that I had ever seen her in, she was like that for the rest of the day." Charlie cast a glance to the representative.

"That's creative form magic." Jefferson said, his voice thoughtful, noticing that both the boy's parents were now looking at Charlie with startled expressions. "It is a relatively rare ability, Creative form in the emotional realm, and an important one as well."

Charlie nodded in agreement; to be able to create on an emotional plane was a high gift, one that, once trained, practically guaranteed a job. He could get a job working in health care or in entertainment, were people would pay to feel the "high" that he could offer. Such jobs had strict laws to prevent misuse, but promised high pay and even fame.

The implications nearly floored Charlie as possibilities swam in his head. He had expected to live his life in his sister's shadow, but now he could make his own name, become important for something other than familial connections.

"So, do you accept our invitation?" Jefferson asked evenly, sharp eyes trained on Charlie's expression.

Looking at his parents, who, for the first time in what seemed like forever, were actually looking at him, and his sister who stared at him with wide eyes. He gave them a small smile.

"Of course."