'Hi.' A brown-haired girl said, walking up to an emo brunette.

"Hey." Said emo replied, looking over at the troublesome girl.

'Whatcha up to?' She asked, her question filled with innocence.

"Listening to music." He answered warily.

'What kind?' She further inquired.

"Post-Grunge." He eyed her questioningly. "Why would you care?"

'Can I listen?' She asked, shrugging off his question.


-Hands over one earphone-

'This is a great song.' She'd been trying to get the boy to talk for about an hour now.

"Yea." He said nonchalantly, just like he'd always done.

'Hey, don't we have a project to do?' She remembered. Maybe he could at least help her a bit.


'A project. Remember? The slideshow about yourself.'

"Oh. I didn't do that."

'I can tell.'

"I didn't know what to put."

'Me too.'

"I only made it past slide 3. I gave up after that."

'So did I.'

"So, what're you doing now?"

'Bothering you.'


'Wanna go get ice cream?"



And in the end, she realized something. Her epiphany? Words weren't needed. They weren't ever needed. All the small things you do together are the things make life so great. And so she tucked that thought in her mind and began to truly enjoy life, her and her new emo boy.

Author note: Never let the things you really care about disappear, because in time, the small things are all that ever really mattered. Cherish the moments you have in this life. Enjoy every bit. And in the end, smile and hold your chin high. Then walk with the ones you love into the next life. Never forget your loved ones. Never forget all the good times you've had. Never forget, my dear readers, what really matters.