"Hey! That's mine!" screeched a baffled 2-year-old.

"No, it's not." replied a skeptical looking 3-year-old.

"Yes, it is!" screaming at the older boy, she felt the strong urge to tug his hair out.

"You have no proof."

"Yes I do. Brother said that people have these things called cameras and that they record everything that happens." Pointing to a camera perched on a post, she smirked and continued her cleverly deduced remark. "I bet if we watched the tape we'd see you stealing my cookie!" She then continued to cross her arms and glare at the mean, cookie-stealing 3-year-old.

He simply shrugged, turned, and put said cookie to his mouth. "It's my cookie now." Just as he was about to eat it, a loud, bone-chilling scream stopped him dead. He forgot what he was holding and dropped the stolen cookie hurrying to cover his already damaged ears.

"Stop screaming! You're making my ears bleed!"

Noticing that the screaming stopped, he looked up and was greeted by a triumphant smirk and the 2-year-old holding his cookie. His stolen cookie! Just as he was about to grab it back, a stubby yet swift leg came and knocked him off his feet.


"That's for stealing my cookie!" Bending down, she placed half the cookie in front of his face and smiled. "And that's because I know you like me." She smiled one last cute smile and ran to meet her brother. Turning to wave at the boy one last time, she skipped off.

"Humph." Said boy dusted himself off and smiled a real genuine smile. Waving back at the girl, he turned and started home.


"And that's how your father and I met. Good-Night sweetie."

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