Would you still run away with me

After everything you have heard?

After everything you have seen?

Let's get in your car and drive away

From here.

We can lose these all too familiar streets.

On the empty highway are heroes looking for

A second chance.

Let's drive until we lose the road,

And make sure no one will ever follow.

The sun will fall over our heads,

And we will make the world our bed.

Let's leave this emptiness behind,

And find a place that no one else could find.

We can keep driving until the horizon ends.

Then we can leave behind our worries and transcend


Would you still run away with me?

After all the words unsaid?

After all the hearts that bled?

Let's leave the car behind and travel along the road

On foot.

We can pretend that love alone will sustain us.

On the empty highway, we can see only the skyway

That stands perfect still.

Let's run until we lose the sun.

And then after that all we will keep doing is run.

Let's leave this hopelessness behind,

And find a place where everyone else is blind.

We can stand and watch the sunset here,

Because we still remain on the same street we

Have never held dear.