Dear, To Whomever it May Concern,

I want to leave forever. Leave everyone behind. This heart beats, and aches and throbs wishing for affection. Can you see me now? Can you see what's right in front of you? Or do you need me to be graded to have some praise? If I held up an 'F' with a smile would you be happy? Or would you scream and shout until all was silent? If I held up an 'A' with a sad face and bloodshot eyes, would you look at me with love? Or would you say "good job" and send me on my way, without as much as a parting glance? If you could only see these cuts that make me, me; if you could only realize how sad I was, how emotionally crippled I have become, how lost I really am. Though I doubt you'd care. I am nothing. I sit here and write thinking it will do me good, but in the end, it only shows me how far I have fallen while jumping for your goals. And it shows me how far I still have to fall.

If you read this, I'm sure it would mean nothing.