Your Stupid Eyes

You just haaad to do it.

You just had to look in my eyes

For no good reason.

Why'd you do that, anyways?

Cuz now you got me wishing again

You got me wishing over YOU

You, who can't pronounce "tour,"

Who gets really worked up,

Who has a really brilliant smile…

See? SEE what you did to me

When you looked in my eyes?

Now every time I see you,

I wanna make you laugh

Like the way you make me laugh

"9 or 10," "Ice makes DEATH," anything!


It's really sad, isn't it?

Especially since I'm just a kid to you

I'm just the scribe, just a friend,

Just… me.

I blame you for this.

You and your stupid eyes

Hazel to blue… yeah, it was you

Who brought out my idealistic cynic

Even though you'll never see me

The way I see you

So do me a favor please

Stop making me love- no, not love-

Stop making me LOOK in your stupid eyes!

What madness is this? QZIE a CYNIC? O.O

True story, sadly enough. A few inside jokes which hopefully worked... :/ This was an assignment. We had to write a "direct address" poem. I ended up writing about a guy from college and career. He's really sweet, really funny, and really stubborn. :P

Wow, I hope no one from church sees this... that wouldn't end well.

Have some cookies. :)