Blackening the White

Endless, it is
With its constant blinking madness

A black line of point-something millimeter against white—

The too-white document:
One you wish to taint, to mar, to tarnish
To break the spell of absolute… white

For the mere idea of perfection this kind irks you
For the mere fact that it remains white until you violate it…

You cannot wish for anything more

But to blacken it

For the white, the pure white, never lasts
In the presence of man

Only, how is the question

A happy story, a Disney-esque story,
A once-upon-time story


Too quaint, too cliché,
Too much of a sweet girl's dream
For ammunition

A sad story, a heart-wrenching story,
A there-is-no-such-thing-as-happy-endings story,


Too emotional, too dramatic

And to bare your soul is impossible to do

For you are too focused on,
Too concentrated on

Blackening the white

Your options are dropping
Dropping by the minute, by the second

For you, the pragmatic you

Too ambitious, too hard to placate, to please

And so, they run away
They drop away
And land and plop unto another's waiting palm

He makes use of those ideas
And does not disappoint

The black line of point-something millimeter against white

He is:
Too humble, too gentle, too naive
He blackens the white with ease, with grace

And darkens it
A bit more, a bit more, a bit more

You on the other hand,
Is still wondering how

A/N: A quick poem inspired by MSWord's oh-so magical cursor. Really. I'm being honest.:D I like the way I wrote it, though.:) I was supposed to send this in as a part of my project and the school's Poetry Slam--but it was two days late and... well, I hated my English teacher for it.