She smiled mischievously at the younger woman, sucking on her index finger teasingly before running the same hand over her ample breasts. Her position at the table afforded her the ability to tease her young counterpart this way while Laura couldn't do the same to her. It was an ability she enjoyed exploiting.

"Something wrong, Laura?" Leigh Ann asked, leaning from the other side of Boyd, her position preventing her from seeing Patti's teasing.

"Yea, Laura," Patti echoed, her chocolate eyes alight with laughter as she slid her hand up Laura's thigh under the cover of the tablecloth. "What's wrong, sweetie? You seem-" she slipped her hand, cold from holding her drink, between the girl's thighs, "-tense."

"I'm fine," Laura smiled, her professionalism kicking in despite the way Patti's cold fingers were caressing her inner thigh.

"Patti," Boyd scolded quietly, knowing what she was doing to the younger woman even though he couldn't see. "Stop it. Arthur is going to see and catch on."

"Arthur wouldn't catch on to my lesbian tendencies if I fucked Laura on stage," Patti shot back, smiling warmly at their ninety-some year old director even as she continued caressing the girl's thigh. "Most people won't. They're too used to me beingstraight to see me as anything else. You should know as well as anybody that people only see what they want to see, Boyd."

Boyd rolled his eyes, sighing as he continued eating. Laura, too, continued eating, forcing herself to ignore Patti's soft caresses.

Patti used her free hand to idly lift her nearly-drained glass to her lips. Laura stood suddenly, whisking the older woman's glass from her hand. "I was just about to get a refill myself, Patti. I'll get another for you."

Patti smiled warmly at the younger woman, "Thank you, Lo. Pink Chocolate Valentini, dear. Shaken twice. And with a chocolate covered strawberry." She smiled as the girl all but ran away, leaving her own glass behind.

Boyd glared at her, trying to cover his own amusement, "Why do you do that to the poor girl, Patti?"

She turned in her chair to face him, a playful grin on her face and he knew he shouldn't have spoken. "Awww… Do you miss being the subject of my teasing, Boydie-bear?" she mocked, her voice taken on a slight baby quality. "Do you miss my rubbing you teasingly through your pants until you ran to get my drinks when the sexual tension got too great?" She pursed her lips in a playful pout, watching as he stiffened under her gaze. She wasn't quite able to bite back the bark of laughter that bubbled up as Boyd excused himself and made a direct line for the men's room.

Smiling happily, she turned to Arthur. "How are ya, hunny?" she asked him, raising her voice as she always did when talking to him. She knew he wasn't deaf, she just had the habit of speaking louder when she spoke to him. "Ya enjoying your dinner?"

He nodded, raising a glass in her direction and she reached and took Laura's drink to clink glasses with him. "To your health, hun," she smiled before downing the contents of the younger woman's glass-- a basic martini if she wasn't mistaken.

"Hun, if you don't mind, I think I'm gonna take off in a bit. I have to call my Joshie tonight and see how his presentation in school went and I don't want to keep him up too late."

"And you want to corner Laura in the limo," Arthur winked.

Patti's eyes shot open as she sputtered and choked on the sip she was taking from Boyd's glass-- Devil's Poison?-- in shock. "Wh-what?!"

Arthur shot her a knowing glance as Laura returned with her drink, placing the requested drink by Patti's slightly-trembling hand.

"I need-" her eyes opened and closed in shock, her mouth agape as she stared back at their director. "I need… A drink, Lo. Be a dear and get me one?"

"I just-"

Patti ate the strawberry in a single bite before downing the contents of her glass in one breath and handing the glass back to Laura. "Bring me anything--anything-- with vodka."

Confused, Laura walked back to the bar, still forgetting her own glass.

"What was that, Arthur, dear?" Patti asked, attempting to stare the older man down. "I want to do what?"

"You're really gonna make me repeat it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Arthur, dear. I don't date women," she forced a laugh. "I-uhh- I'm married, remember? To Matt? My Joshie's father."

"… And where is Matthew tonight?"

"He's-umm-" her brow furrowed as she searched for a believable answer. "He's at my mother-in-law's. She's sick."

"I should say so," Arthur nodded. "She died three years ago. You invited Tom and myself to the funeral."

The color drained from her face and she frantically gripped any answer she could think of. "I mean he's at her grave. It's the anniversary of when she got sick, God rest the poor woman's soul. He likes to visit her every year at this time. And we try to talk about her in the present. Keeps her closer to our hearts," she rambled, gesturing wildly.

He nodded at her, as though he believed her. "And you want to corner your young lover in the limo and make love before you get to your hotel room and call your son," he interjected.

Her mouth opened and closed as she searched for anything to get her out of this corner she'd backed herself into. "I-I-I-" She sighed, defeated and collapsed back into her chair as Laura returned with her drink. Patti gratefully took the drink and downed it. "I… Yeah," she finally nodded. "Yeah, that about covers it."

Laura leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Did you like your drink? I heard the name and thought of you."

Patti's bro furrowed again as she attempted to remember what it had tasted like. "Yea, Lo. Is it, umm… What is it?"

"'Tie Me To the Bedpost,'" she whispered, poorly suppressing her grin.

"Wh-What?!" Patti asked, blushing furiously. Laura pushed a second glass into the older woman's hands and Patti gratefully brought it to her lips.

"Ya like it?" Laura asked. Patti nodded, sipping slowly to distract herself. Laura leaned closer, her lips brushing the shell of the older woman's ear, "'Fuck Me Hard.'"

Patti, again, sputtered in shock, spraying her drink across the table. "WHAT?!"

Laura subtlety slid her tongue into the older woman's ear, making Patti go rigid. "They're drink names, Patti." She gently massaged the older woman's side. "Is your mind in the gutter?"

"Pa-Pardon me, Arthur. I have to-to go," she stuttered before downing the rest of the drink Laura had brought her.

Arthur nodded, amused, as Patti bolted for the coat check. Laura followed shortly after, trying not to arouse suspicion.

Laura barely made it outside before Patti had pressed to the brick wall and covered her pink lips hungrily with her own full, plump ones. She molded her body against the girl's, her fingers digging into the girl's hips as she hungrily forced her tongue into Laura's mouth, tasting her.

"Get in the car," Patti breathed, breaking the kiss to entwine their fingers and lead the taller woman to the car. She slid in after the girl, turning and straddling her the second she pulled the door closed after them.

"Where to, Miss?" her driver asked, seemingly unaffected by the actions of his employer.

"Anywhere," Patti answered, reaching to hit the button to close the privacy window. "Now… What were those drink names, Lo?" She tugged the girl's face to her own, kissing her eagerly before running her palms over Laura's pert breasts and making her moan quietly.

"So naughty of you to tease me like that in public, Lo," she murmured, sucking on the soft skin of Laura's neck as she pushed the younger woman's coat down her arms.

"To be-be fair, you started it, Patti," Laura stammered, her reasoning falling on deaf ears as Patti slid the straps of the girl's dress down and began kissing and sucking on the newly exposed skin.

Laura's breath caught when Patti playfully nipped at her neck before moving her hips to allow her hands to slid Laura's skirt up her thighs as she had while they'd been eating. She moved her hips again, slipping one of her knees between Laura's before sliding one of her hands up Laura's thigh. She slipped her fingers around Laura's thong, teasing her as she rubbed the girl's clit with her first two fingers.

"'Fuck Me Hard'?" Patti breathed in the girl's ear, leaning heavily against the girl's chest and feeling her rapid heartbeat. "'Tie Me To the Bedpost'? Careful what you ask for, Lo," she growled quietly, pushing her fingers into Laura and rocking them upward, making the girl squeak.

"Ronald, to the hotel, please" Patti called loudly before kissing and sucking on the girl's neck again as she moved her fingers slowly. "Tell me some more drink names," she coaxed.

"Sw-Sweet Pussy," Laura forced out, gasping when Patti added a third finger and pressed on her clit. The older woman used her free hand to reposition them both, Laura now leaning against the door as Patti hovered over her. "Cl-clit licker."

To Laura's surprise, Patti suddenly removed her fingers and whisked her thong off, the older woman's hot tongue suddenly slipping into her and then over her clit as Patti thrust her fingers back into her. "Gee-Gee-Mnnnmm…" Patti's tongue glided over the girl's throbbing clit again before she began sucking purposefully and rocked her fingers up again. "G-Spot!" Laura squeaked. Patti nuzzled her nose against the girl's clit before licking and sucking again, thrusting her fingers deeper. "Shuddering Or- Oh!- Oh!-Orgasm!"

Patti ran her tongue along the girl's slit again from where her fingers were buried to Laura's throbbing clit, the girl's juices collecting on her tongue. She playfully nipped Laura's clitoral hood, making Laura scream in response, trembling as she climaxed forcefully.

Ronald pulled to a stop outside Patti's hotel as she slid the girl's thong into her coat pocket and helped Laura sit up, pulling her skirt down properly before draping her coat over her shoulders and climbing out the opposite side of the car. Patti flashed a wide grin at her driver before circling to the side of the car Laura was on and helping the younger woman get out.

"Thank you, Ronald. That'll be all for tonight," she reached in her purse and pulled out a fifty, pushing the tip into his hands before closing the car door and leading Laura to the revolving glass doors and into the elevator. Laura allowed herself to lean heavily on the older woman as her body continued shaking from Patti's actions.

"I like those drinks, Lo," she purred, leading Laura to her room and sliding the keycard through the locking mechanism. She let Laura collapse on the couch, making her way to the bedroom and dialing her house phone number.

"Hi, baby!" she cooed into the receiver, sitting on the bed and kicking her heels from her feet. "How did your presentation go?" She listened attentively, making appropriate noises to show that she was doing so, as she shrugged out of her coat. "That's great, Joshie!" she smiled, tossing her coat in the general direction of the armchair in the corner. "One second, babe," she put the phone on her bed and pulled her dress over her head, leaving her in only her panties, before picking the phone up again. "Alright, hun, I'm back. Anyway, that's great! I knew you'd do great! I'll have to fly you up here so we can celebrate properly." She stood, carrying her dress to the armchair and draping it over the high cushion of the back. "Did your father call to see how your presentation went?" She tutted angrily at his answer as she sat back down on the bed, not noticing Laura slip into the room. "Well, if he doesn't call by tomorrow night, I want you to call him. …. Cause this is a big deal, honey! I'm proud of you. And your father will be, too."

She didn't think much of it when Laura guided her hand to the bedpost, nor when she felt fuzzy handcuffs click around her wrist, so enraptured was she in her conversation with her "baby." When Laura guided her other wrist to the waiting handcuff and clicked it closed, though, she began to realize what was going on.

"I love you, baby," she called as Laura took the phone from her. "Mommy has to go! I'll call you tomorrow!" She faintly heard Joshua's confused response of "I love you" before Laura smiled wickedly, snapping the cell phone closed and putting it on the bedside table.

"What are you doing, Laura?" Patti asked, not particularly imposing with both of her wrists fastened to the bedposts with fuzzy, pink handcuffs. Laura stared at her as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I was on the phone with Joshie. You couldn't have waited another five minutes?"

Laura ignored her counterpart's anger, choosing instead to pull a black, satin eye-mask over Patti's eyes and halting her speech… Momentarily.

"Laura!" she called loudly, as if her inability to see hampered Laura's ability to hear. "Laura! I don't like not being able to see. You stop this right now, you hear me? You take this mask off right now. What are you doing?"

Laura leaned over her, her hair cascading around Patti's face as she whispered in her ear, "Giving you your drink."

"What?" Patti breathed, confused but already intoxicated by the younger woman's invisible presence.

"Tie Me To the Bedpost," Laura answered as Patti struggled against her bindings.

"Laura, you take this mask off," Patti repeated, realizing that she completely lacked control of the situation.

Laura responded by swirling her tongue around one of the hard, rosy peak the older woman's nipples had become and Patti gasped in response, her back arching instinctively. She hovered over her lover, trailing slow kisses down Patti's stomach before moving to her other breast and sucking gently on that rosy bud.

Patti whimpered quietly, again straining against her bonds, "L-Lo…"

Laura moved onto the bed, kneeling between the older woman's legs, and curled her fingers around the elastic waistband of her lover's panties and pulling them down her legs before throwing them behind herself and staring down at the older woman: the indomitable Patti lying helpless and deliciously naked before her. It was a rare turn of fate for her to hold all the cards sexually and she wanted to savor the moment.

With surprising self control, Laura pulled herself from the bed and Patti's glorious form to pad quietly to the small kitchen, hurrying back with several items in her arms.

"Laura?" Patti was calling. "Laura, where'd you go? LAU-!"

Laura silenced her by pressing a gentle kiss to the corner of her mouth. "Shhh, Patti!" she laughed. "Are you trying to wake the whole hotel?"

"Where'd you go?" she pouted, still unable to see her young lover.

"I can't tell you or I'll ruin the surprise," Laura answered.

"I'm handcuffed and blindfolded, this is surprise enough," Patti answered dryly. "Now tell me."

Laura, of course, chose not to, instead drizzling the cold chocolate syrup over Patti's breasts and down her stomach, drizzling it over her glistening sex before wiping the nozzle with her finger and tracing the older woman's plump lips with her chocolate-covered finger.

Patti was still panting slightly from the shock of the cold chocolate against her fiery skin when she leaned up, taking Laura's finger in her mouth and sucking mischievously, playing along with her lover's game. "You've been in the fridge, then?"

"Among other places," Laura answered coyly before leaning close and licking up from Patti's stomach. She kissed, licked, and sucked at Patti's chocolate-covered flesh, cleaning the--now warm-- chocolate from her lover's stomach and breasts teasingly slow, making Patti whimper and moan quietly. She moved upward, pressing her lips to Patti's full ones and slipping her tongue into her mouth, letting her lover taste the chocolate that had gathered on her tongue. She covered the older woman's taut nipple with her palm, working her slowly as she playfully sucked on Patti's lower lip.

Patti gasped and whimpered, wriggling anew, when she suddenly felt Laura's tongue lapping up the warming chocolate that had dripped over her clit and mingled with her own juices.

"Oh, God," she breathed, arching and wriggling as Laura licked and sucked the chocolate from her pussy. She whimpered, struggling against her restraints in vain, "Lau- Lau- Oh, God, Lo…" Her thighs closed around Laura's ears as the girl's tongue invaded her again, cleaning the last of the chocolate from her sex.

And then Laura pulled away, leaving a whimpering, gasping, writhing Patti alone in the center of the bed.

"Wh-?" she swallowed. "What is it, Lo?"

Patti squeaked and squealed in response when she felt a thick shaft penetrate her, it's tip pressing deliciously against her g-spot as more of its ridges teased her opening and an attachment tickled her clit. She purred as Laura began setting a deliciously slow pace, rocking the toy in and out and constantly angling it upward. She panted and swallowed, biting back moans of pleasure as she felt Laura's lips, tongue, and teeth back at her neck.

"What, baby?" Laura asked, her breath cold against the wet spot she was leaving on Patti's neck.

"So- So close," she purred, moving her hips with Laura's movements.

"Tell me what to do, Patti," Laura sucked below Patti's earlobe.

Patti whimpered, bucking her hips. "I- It- Oh, GOD!- It should- Ahh! It vibrates!" she croaked, still struggling against the handcuffs.

Laura smiled against the older woman's neck, searching the base of the toy for the switch and pressing several buttons when she found them. The toy buzzed and pulsed between Patti's thighs, its shaft vibrating as the attachment fluttered against her clit.

Her jaw dropped, a silent moan escaping her before her voice suddenly erupted, her scream of ecstasy filling the room as her orgasm crashed around her in wave after wave of searing-hot pleasure.

Laura couldn't even make out words as Patti screamed and moaned, trembling as she climaxed. She frantically hit the buttons, trying to turn the toy off so she could slowly work Patti down from her peak, but she was unsuccessful and soon Patti was panting and writhing again, her moans becoming squeals as she pulled against her restraints desperately.

"Oh, God- Oh, God- Oh, GOD! LAURA!" she screamed, throwing her head back as a second orgasm crashed around her.

Laura's eyes went wide and she continued pressing buttons, part of her wanting to turn the toy off and let the older woman relax, the other part wanting to just continue watching her lover.

She was trembling, panting and gasping, as her muscles contracted around the shaft again, more waves of pleasure rolling over her. "FUCK! I'm- I'm- I'm cumming!" she squeaked, throwing her head back again as she arched off the mattress.

"Is this what you want, Patti?" Laura breathed, trying to act as though this was her plan.

Patti couldn't respond in the least, her mental functions shot as she continued writhing, trembling as another orgasm overtook her. Every answer was unintelligible as she moaned and squealed and whimpered with repeated orgasms until Laura finally figured out how to turn the vibrator off and gently pulled it out of her. She could barely breathe as she lay there, exhausted. She was practically asleep when Laura slid the mask from her eyes and got up to un-handcuff her, letting each of her arms fall limply to the pillows that cushioned her head.

"Get up, babe," Laura coaxed, trying to pull the older woman out of the bed.

"I ain't movin'," Patti answered, not even opening her eyes.

"Babe," Laura smiled, laughing at her exhausted lover, "I gotta change the sheets."


"Patti," she said, trying to sound stern.

"Lo, I couldn't move if I wanted to," she forced out, her breathing finally slowing to a normal pace.

"You're just gonna sleep in our sex sheets?"

"I don't care where I sleep. Right now, I don't have the energy to care," Patti mumbled, wearily stretching her fingers in the direction of Laura's voice. "Come lay with me."

She was asleep by the time the words had left her mouth.

Shaking her head, Laura climbed into bed beside the older woman, reaching and pulling the comforter up from the foot of the bed before curling against her exhausted lover.

"I love you, Patti," she whispered against Patti's chest.

In her exhausted sleep, Patti pulled Laura tighter against her, almost as though she had heard what her young counterpart had said. And Laura just smiled.