A random little quickie I thought of while googling some random things. Yes, I am feeling quite random today.
I think I really need to start writing some happier fics. I'm depressing myself with these ones.
Hope you enjoy!


He had known her ever since they were kids.

Their mothers were best friends – the two women having gone to high school and college with each other. They attended each other's weddings as one of the bridesmaids as well. Not only that, but his mother gave birth to him just two months before her best friend gave birth to her only daughter. Needless to say, Max and Sophie had been attached to the hip the moment they were born. It was in their genetics, they assumed.

They were there for each other through the ups and downs of their lives. They were each other's first kisses; it happened during Valentine's Day of Grade 1 when Sophie came crying to Max for getting the least Valentine's Day cards from the boys. To brighten her up, he leaned down and kissed her, right in front of everyone. She always received the most cards after that. Sophie held Max's hand when he first got his braces in Grade 4. It hurt, he had said, and Sophie begged her mom to buy Max a big lollipop. She did, and the two of them shared it afterwards. Max took the full brunt of Sophie's mood swings when she "truly became a woman" in Grade 6. They ate double chocolate chip ice cream right out of the container after she calmed down. Sophie was there for Max when his dad was killed by a drunk driver and he was there for her when her mom had a heart attack in the summer of Junior High. The hugged, they cried, they coped, and they grieved with each other – that was enough, they said.

Their families as well as mutual friends always wondered why Max and Sophie never took it to the next level. The two just blushes every time someone asks and ends the question by saying that that was it, they are just best friends. However, Max changed his mind. In their high school graduation, he went up to the podium to deliver a valedictory speech; instead, he asked her to be his in front of everyone. She said yes, of course, and the two had been steady ever since. "That's all there is to it, nothing more", they protested.

But after four years of dating they both had an epiphany. They figured out that they had loved each other ever since they came to face to face with one another when they were born. Max didn't know how to say the dreaded three words, Sophie didn't know either. But on the night of his birthday, she got the courage to tell him. She was surprised when he laughed and tackled her. He said that he was dying to tell her the same thing yet never had the guts to. "Well, a girl's got to do what a girl's go to do," she mused.

The following winter, they said their vows and proclaimed to the world that they are man and wife. "It's about time!" Someone in the crowd shouted. Max and Sophie laughed as they kissed one another. It is time, they agreed.

Tears fell from his eyes as he reminisced. His body shook with sobs as he clutched her unmoving hand resting on the bleached white pillow of a hospital. It seemed that only yesterday was she making fun of him for getting scared over a small little spider. It seemed only yesterday that she took a paper cup and led the spider out the window. It seemed only yesterday that she kissed him and told him she loves him.

She was in a coma. A blasted drunk driver hit her while walking home from the bus stop. It opened up fresh wounds from when the time his father was killed by a drunk driver. At that time, Sophie was there to hold him, to comfort him, to eat ice cream with him – but now the situation is reversed. She's there, but yet she isn't. She's there, but she can't hug him. She's there, but she can't comfort him. She's there, but she's slowly slipping away.

The doctor told him yesterday that chances were slim. They did everything that they could do. Her brain is dead, Max remembers the doctor informing him. That's the one thing Max hated about doctors. They seem so nonchalant. They seem as though they don't care. The love of his life was leaving him yet all they could do is inform him of the statistics. He vaguely remembers screaming at the doctor of how unfair the world is.

Max wiped his tears away with a bitter hand. He knew what he had to do. Sophie would have wanted this as well. She would've told him in her usually knowledgeable voice of how if there is absolutely no hope, let it go. But, she would add, always remember and do not forget. Because if you remember, the memories will live on. If you forget, the memories will fade. If the memories fade, the people in them would fade. Max could never let Sophie fade away from his life. Time would slowly patch up the wound in his hear, but the memory of Sophie will never leave. She holds a great piece of his heart – a piece that he could never get back.

It is time, he decided. And so he pulled the plug.