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It was almost midnight when a sleek, black car pulled up in front of stairs leading up to a large mansion. The man driving the expensive looking car, stared up at the building, tapping on his steering wheel. He sighed. Why'd he have to do this so late at night?

Not a few minutes later, the doors to the house opened, and a boy with a bag slung over his shoulder walked out quickly. He seemed to be very agitated by the way he almost ran down the steps, and stopping beside the car.

He had bright red hair, and only wore a tank top and camo pants. He must have been cold. He didn't seem to be any older than eighteen.

The boy looked back at the house, before opening the door, and sliding in, slamming the door shut.

"You're my ride, right?" The boy asked, the man barely gave him a glance before putting the car in drive and heading off the estate.

The ride was silent as they headed into the city, then the boy broke the silence.

"How much is he paying you to keep quiet about this?" The older man surprised him by actually answering.

"About five grand." The boy whistled.

"I would gone for at least twenty." The older man finally turned to look at him, though it was with a glare, before he rolled his eyes, and sighed again.

"What's your name again?" The man asked after a while, and the boy snorted.

"Aidan. Yours?"

"Raymond Daniels."

"Nice to meet you." Aidan said sarcastically.

"What'd you do to get him to kick you out?" The man was curious. Aidan's father was sort of a friend of his, and the man tried to keep the appearance of a family man.

Nothing going wrong in the Barracks household. Victor Barracks, Aidan's father, was a very successful businessman, had just gotten married, and was already expecting a child. He was the executive of one of the largest corporations, and owned most of the shares in stock of it, bringing in a very large source of income.

"Apparently he's had enough of my attitude, and now wants nothing to do with me." When Aidan saw the disbelieving look on the older man's face, he shrugged, "That's what he said."

It was silent again, and soon they were driving through the city, and heading on.

About an hour later, they were in another, even bigger city.

"Wonder where he's going to tell everyone I went?" The boy said, mostly to himself.

"Where do you want me to drop you off?" Ray said, and Aidan started telling him which streets to go down. Another hour later, and they were back at where they entered the city.

"You can drop me off here."

Aidan jerked forward when Ray slammed the brakes on, and was clenching the wheel tightly enough to make his knuckles white.

"We're back where we started." He said darkly, staring at the wheel, and trying to keep his anger under control.

"Your point?" Aidan went to get out of the car, but Ray grabbed onto his arm, still staring at the wheel.

"Where the fuck do you think your going?"

"Out?" The boy raised and eyebrow, not that the other man could see. The grip on his arm got tighter.

"Do you even have a place to go?" They had stopped near a park, and there were only stores around, most of them closed.

"What do you think? I've never even been here before." The boy said, sounding angry. "Let go." Aidan managed to pull himself out of Ray's grip, and slammed the car door shut.

Ray cursed under his breath, and was about to get out of the car, when he heard honking. He was blocking the street.

Ray sat up, shrugged, and drove on. What did he care if the kid got himself mugged and killed? It had nothing to do with him. He was just supposed to get the kid here, drop him off, and never have to see him again.

But what if Tracy found out?

Ray groaned when he thought about what the old woman would say when she heard on the news that the kid he was getting paid to drive away was dead. She'd kill him. He didn't doubt it, not at all. She was a crazy old bat, and sometimes he wondered why he even put up with.

Ray put it down to that he couldn't let her go out onto the streets. Everyone would be in danger, and it would be his fault. Yes, that's it. It was the for safety of the common people.

He jerked out of his reverie when he realized that he had no idea where either he or the kid was. He cursed again, and started off in the general direction that Aidan had gone.

It didn't take him long to find the bright red mop underneath the street lights not too far ahead.

By then the buildings seemed to get a little more run downed, and there were a few apartment complexes here and there. Maybe the kid did know where he was going?

Ray decided to follow the boy just a little farther. His conscious wouldn't let him do otherwise, not that he would ever admit, even on pain of death.

It seemed Aidan knew he was being followed, for he stopped and turned around, waiting as Ray caught up to him.

"What?" He asked harshly. He was pissed, very much so.

"Look, kid, did your dad even give you any money to stay in a hotel for a little while or something?" Ray said, loud enough for the boy to hear him as his car crawled along beside him.

"Again, what do you think?" Ray sighed. He thought not, but you never know.

"You got yourself in a real mess, you know that?" Ray said tiredly, trying to figure out what he could for the kid. He thought of a few people that probably wouldn't mind taking in the kid for a night or two. But no, they'd probably recognize him as being Barrack's kid, and then the old man would be pissed at him, and that was just something he didn't need.

"I called her a bitch once, and my dad decides to kick me out. I doubt the baby's even his!" Aidan yelled out, shocking the older man.


"Sheila." He muttered, crossing his arms across his stomach.

"The stepmom?" Aidan nodded. "I don't know Barrack's too well, but I had no idea he had such a temper." Ray said surprised.

"You have no idea." Aidan said quietly.

Ray sighed, running a hand through his white hair. He was going to have to get it redyed soon, he thought absently, the brown roots were beginning to show.

"Look, just… Come with me, okay? I can probably find somewhere for you to stay, okay?" Ray was tired, and rubbed at his eyes. He had an important meeting he had to go early in the morning.

"I don't need your help," Aidan said angrily, and turned around.

Ray clenched his fists tightly, and thought about leaving him there, but knew he couldn't do it. But he was tempted. Oh so very tempted.

And so he went after him. Aidan noticed him following him again, but ignored it, deciding to continue to walk. Maybe Ray would get tired and just leave, especially before he figured out what Aidan had done…

Aidan smirked when he thought about it, and how easy it was, but he just had to get the man off his back before he could gloat.

A little farther ahead, he saw someone, and smirked. He had a plan.

Aidan whipped around, and yelled out, "Stop following me!" Before walking away quicker.

Ray, again, thought about it, but no, he couldn't, he had to get Aidan to realize that it was a dangerous place out here in the city, with nowhere to sleep.

He continued to follow the boy, not noticing the man in blue that began to walk towards them.

Ray was about to yell out to the kid to try to make him to stop, when he saw a police man walk in front of the kid.

"Is everything alright here?" The man asked with authority to the boy.

"He won't stop bugging me," Aidan pointed to the older man that was trying to help him.

"Sir, could you step out of the car please?" The police man asked, hand on easily on his gun holster, as if it was normal for him to do so while talking down to you.

Ray cursed yet again under his breath, and parked his car, then stepped out.

After a few questions that Ray had to answer that didn't help his case, mostly about what he was doing, which he didn't have to good of an answer unless he was wanting to get a very rich man pissed off at him, he was asked to get his license. He checked his pocket, which was where it usually always was. It wasn't. He remembered he left it in his car. It wasn't there either.

The kid was gone too.

The rest of the night didn't go well for Ray. It was also the first time he ever had to spend time in a jail cell.

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