Such a Thing as Hope by AndromedaMarine

The blinding white of snow
Makes me believe in love,
And as the sun reflects the light
I know I see a Dove.

I pause and look again
Yet the sky is all but clear.
And I forget that what I saw
Is the reason I am here.

Forget the biting cold.
Forget that we should die.
So I forget the place to go
When I've been told a lie.

I turn away from fear,
Ignoring every roar.
Nothing can get past the wall
Protecting my heart's core.

My gaze returns skyward
And the Dove obscures my view -
And then I see that all my life
I have been seeking You.

A fire in the air
Illuminates the dark,
Yet on the journey I must go
If I'm to leave my mark.

I stop and glance around -
The Dove has blocked my path.
I look into its eyes and know
That fury's there – and wrath.

You've given me a sign,
A sign I can't ignore.
I must stay behind, at home
And know You forevermore.

Yet I do not fight it.
I do not even mope.
I only simply trust that there is
Such a thing as hope.