Of course that was about the time

I realized you never loved me

(or anyone really)

And all my loving was for naught

(drat, you're still hot)

no worries though, because my hating

my hatred, my love…

for despising you won't fail like I did before

(except you might just beg for more)


and Of course this was about the time

you realized that you'd always loved me

(and no one else really)

Those fake smiles had been real

(and all else was revealed:

you'd always loved me)

Oh wait, oh great

Too late, I'd already rejected you

And you'd have to pull out the truth:

You were lying straight through your teeth.


Think you can lie,

Think you can cheat,

Think you can love

Think you can beat

the love out of me:

Leave my heart in pieces on the ground

The beat stops sudden: there is no sound.

You lie and you cheat,

You love and you'll see

That my heart still beats

My heart still beats…


Call in for a heart transplant

To repair your broken heart

I blew it, I broke it,

when I said "I love you"

I lied.