She pressed a few more buttons, glancing at the computer screen beside her on one side to see if he had written her back. Still nothing, she thought with a shrug, entering the last coordinates. She had no idea if this would work or not, but it was at least worth trying. Imagine his surprise when she suddenly appeared beside him, laughing and watching. Maybe she'd catch him just as he was taking off his shirt? Oh, she could only hope so. There something about the man that just made her desire to do all kinds of naughty things.

'Quick, hurry, teleport!' the computer beeped at her just before he signed off.

He had no idea what she had in mind nor that it was even possible to do such a thing. That made it all the better. She gave him another minute to get into the bathroom before she pressed the button. The room about her, her bedroom, faded into a whirl of gray before another came into focus. And there he was, his eyes wide as he stared at where she now sat on the sink's counter.

"Well, bet you weren't expecting this." Lifting a ball the size of a tennis ball, she smiled at it fondly, "Mind you it's only a prototype, but it seems to work, huh?"

"You-You've designed a teleportation machine?"

She nodded, setting it down on a folded towel before turning back to him, "Now then, if I'm correct, we're supposed to be taking a shower?"

His mouth dropped open for a moment before they narrowed, "Only if you're any good at giving lower back massages."

"Lucky me then."

She could sense how hesitant he was, mostly by the way he put off getting undressed to fiddle with the water's temperature for a bit more. Laughing softly to herself, she reached for the end of her shirt, pulling it off over her head. When she opened her eyes again, he was staring at her, his mouth dropped open. It was something akin to power that flowed through her veins, power to make him stare, make him want. And she wanted him to want.

She let the fabric slip from her fingertips, hearing it gently plop on the floor beside her. Reaching down, her eyes never leaving his, she unsnapped her pants, letting them fall as well, temptingly, slowly, seductively. He seemed to realize his mouth was open then and clenched his jaw against letting it happen again. Easily, she discarded the rest of her clothing, acting as if it were nothing, hiding the nerves that were suddenly boiling, rumbling, fluttering in her stomach.

Glancing at him, she crossed her arms, "Now this seems wrong. We are taking a shower after all. Shouldn't you get rid of those clothes?" Smiling coyly, she stepped towards him, "How about I help you with that?"

He grabbed her hands, shaking his head, "No, you should go ahead and get in. I'll follow."

"Promise me."


She laughed, "You're nervous, I can see that, but I want to ensure that you won't just let me get into the shower and then book it."

It was his turn to laugh, his hands dropping from her wrists to her hips, pulling her flush against him, "Do you really think I'm going to run when you're about to step into a shower with the expectation that I'll join you? I may have a lot of control, but even I have my weaknesses."

She nodded to that logic, pressing herself against him quickly, bringing her face close to his, "You might want to hurry up then."

Moving under his arm, she stepped behind the curtain, almost like she was disappearing into another world. The water felt like heaven flowing over her, almost as much as it felt like heaven to have that one piece of chocolate when you were on a diet. It was sinful, addictive. And the thought of sharing it with someone, especially someone that you wanted? She found herself pressing her hand to the wall to keep herself from falling at the mere thought.

"Are you all right?"

Her gaze rose then, meeting his with a smile as he stepped into the shower as well. With a nod, she couldn't hide the fact that she was looking at him. All of him. Jeez, she really was loving this teleportation prototype, but mostly the fact that she was standing in a shower, under the water. With him.

He stepped closer, his gaze on hers as he backed her against the wall. She thought for a moment that he was going to kiss her, but he merely got wet before stepping back, turning his back to her.

"A deal's a deal," he said softly, planting both of his hands on the wall so his back was to her.

Nodding to herself mostly, she grabbed up the bar of soap and lathered up her hands. With a deep breath, she ran her hands over his back, her fingers moving, searching, finding those knots that made him tense before he relaxed as they released. Her thumbs traced along his spine, sending a small shiver up his back. The palm of her hand rubbed at the muscles, making them relax further until he felt like putty in her hands.

Pulling him back, she moved him under the spray, washing off the soap that now coated his back. His sigh turned into a groan as she stepped around him, intentionally pressing herself against him as she pretended to work the muscles in his shoulders and arms into relaxation. In truth, she would be damned if she was going to leave this shower without having felt him against her, skin to skin in an erotic slide that was caused by the water that pounded down on them.

His eyes slitted open, meeting hers before his hands came to her body as well. Sliding down her back and then up her sides, he gave a groan of surrender before his mouth descended to hers. A mating of mouths, warring of tongues. Hands slipping and sliding against wet skin as their passion for the other became unlocked inside of them. The steam about them, born from the water, felt more like it had been born from them, their meeting, their seduction. They craved more than just the slide of skin on skin, of mouth meeting mouth.

He broke the kiss, trailing his lips down her throat. Nips, licks, kisses. She was driven mad by the play of his mouth and fingers on her body. Hooking an arm around her waist, he leaned her back slightly to give himself access to her breasts, to the nipple that puckered under his gaze. With teeth, tongue, and lips, he created a rythum that drove her mad, gasps and soft moans escaping her lips as her fingers fisted in his hair.

His hand slid down her, finding that magical place that she longed to be touched with his long fingers, delving into her, rubbing her, touching her. She threw her head back, her legs suddenly weak, but he caught her, held her. She could hear his gasps escaping from him, feel the pounding of his heart in echo to hers. Yet his touch was gentle, loving, caressing. It held a gentle heat that promised to burn her from the inside out.

Dragging his mouth back to hers, she attacked ruthlessly with her mouth. Tongues tangled as she bucked against him under his ministrations. His groan was caught in her mouth as she pulled back slightly, letting their lips rub together as she groaned to him.

"My turn…."

She grabbed ahold of his wrist, pulling his fingers from her body with a groan at the loss, but she had plans of her own. She loved the feel of his skin under her hands, the feel of his muscles bunching and rippling under her touch. She nipped at him gently, tracing her tongue against his skin as if to soothe any pain she might have cause though she knew there would be none. With a wicked smile, pressed herself against him, leaving no room for anything. Even the water had to find a new path to take.

Her hand slid into his hair, tugging him towards her until their lips met once more. She kept the pressure light, chaste, not letting it deepen beyond the meeting of lips. Remembering the looks he had given her at the last party when she had been teaching some of the other girls belly dancing, she moved her hips without really moving the rest of her body, letting her body slide against his in an erotic play. He groaned, his hands cupping her hips as he tried to hold her hips still.

She knew what she wanted, what she desperately sought. His control. She wanted it to break, for him to let go and do what he deeply desired to. His lips assaulted hers, a moan of pleasure escaping her lips as she continued the rythum of her hips against him. Changing it a little, she rubbed her whole body against him, inch by slow inch, driving him mad. His eyes, when they opened to meet hers, were dark, fathomless pits of lust that caused the warmth that was growing inside her to become a raging inferno.

"I want you."

It was a simple statement, his voice husky with his desire as he stepped towards her, backing her into the wall. The cool tiles sent a shiver through her body, one echoing in his.

"Please…" was the only response she could have.

His response was simple. He lifted her up, leveling them out with the height difference. She wrapped her legs about his waist, their gazes meeting as he backed her into a wall. She arched slightly, pressing herself against him completely. He stared at her, pressing into her slowly, softly. She felt every inch of him as he entered her, every ecruciatingly slow inch of him that drove her mad. She could hardly catch her breath at the slow entry, the slow torture that made her want to push down on him.

Finally, she felt the full length of him, both of them gasping and clutching at the other. Just as slowly, he pulled back, almost leaving her before she tightened her legs about him, pulling him back.

"Faster. More."

Chuckling softly, though he didn't know where he got the breath, he began a faster pace. She met it, pushing him faster, deeper. Mouths met once more, a mating of the full body. Neither knew where one ended and the other began. They only knew this was something that had been destined for them, had been fated from the very beginning.

His hand cupped her ass, angling her so he could drive more deeply into her, faster, harder. They were striving for that place, that haven against everything but pleasure. Breaking the kiss, his mouth once more gave attention to her breasts. She threw her head back in esctasy, feeling herself climax.

Her muscles tightened around him, drawing him in, calling for an answer from his body. Gasping out her name, he followed her to that plane, that place where pleasure, sated as it was, ruled over the body and mind.