If you asked me right now on the spot

I'd say I simply do not know

If anyone will ever truly grip

What I'll do and where I'll go

It feels alright, though

In retrospect, I never flowed with

This living, talking in reverse

Inside there's something I can't swallow

That I can't hide, ignore, or curse

And it's getting worse

You'll be surprised to hear I'm missing

At least I think that's how you'll be

So I am sending you something

That'll reach you in two days or three

A Paper Me

I've run until my legs were broken

I've stared too long into the sun

I've wished for death, I've seen the light

And paid for all the wrong I've done

All but one

As they search and as hope weakens

As your tears drip to the floor

As I climb the air gets thinner

As the postman finds your door

Our hearts will roar

Paper Me unfolds in your fingers

I brush my work off with my hand

The words you read simply confuse you

"I'll _ you _ this _ does _ stand"

My skies expand

They'll find me there upon the mountain

I'll be waiting on that spot

Where I carved out in the living rock

"_ love _ until _ mountain _ not _"

All I've got.