A/N: Here is the second version. See how the bolded part changes the feel of the poem. Tell me if it doesn't. Just tell me what you think. The ending change was inspired by a boy who made me feel like I had a chance but turned out I was only to be made a mockery of. I felt like a fool and this was edited to fit how I felt at the time.


My eyes are crying.
The tears are flowing.
And just like clockwork,
My nose, I am blowing.

The tears flow down,
Like blood on my cheek.
I feel them burning,
As my knees go weak.

I hate this feeling,
Of being lonely and sad.
I think, "What's wrong?
Did I do something bad?

Something to deserve,
This horrible feeling,
That has made me feel,
That I'm unappealing.

That nobody wants me,
And nobody cares."
All I get are these
Weird looks and stares.

My blood is flowing.
My heart is beating.
Faster and Faster, as I fear,
That it will burst from this fleeting.

The pain, oh, the pain,
That I feel inside me,
"Why won't it go away
and just leave me be?"

I can't take this anymore.
I can't take this pain.
All this happiness you see,
Is me trying to feign

The feeling that I want to feel,
But cannot seem to find.
Then I realize all this pain I feel,
Is of a deeper kind.

It is embedded inside me,
Never to be set free.