Janelle Luisa Rodrigo Velasquez

Meet Janelle Luisa Rodrigo Velasquez, daughter of Jose Luis and Amelia (A.K.A.: "Amy") Velasquez. She is the eldest sibling of three: Janelle, herself; her music-addict brother, Joshua; and her little miss-perfect sister, Ara. Janelle, also commonly known as J or Ja, is presently a normal girl who has been unwillingly uprooted from her homeland to live in a country, on the other side of the world, in which she is repeatedly forced to reside in due to constant unseen & unwelcomed circumstances that just so happen to fall onto her so-called crazy life.

Appearance-wise, she is to her displeasure, only 5ft and 4 inches in height. She has long, straight, raven black hair that reaches her shoulders, of which she does not tie up in any fashion whatsoever, unless necessary. Her eyes are the color of emerald green, inherited from her Spanish mother. She is quite fit, only weighing 120lbs. for a 20 year old girl. She is pride-fully, half-Spanish and half-Filipino descent.

Fashion-wise she wears casual shirts paired with suitable pants, and prioritizes comfort over style. Accessory-wise, she wears thin, black-rimmed glasses; a cross necklace given to her by her big brother-like amigo, Santiago as a farewell gift; a silver chain bracelet Bryan gave her on the day of her departure; and a pair of cross earrings Luigi gave her on her last b-day before their friendship broke up. For footwear, J favours platform boots and casual sneakers/runners or sandals.

Personality-wise, she considers herself a tomboy, being not much into the usual stuff girls are supposed to be interested in, such as make-up, an item she clearly detests. She is a bookworm and ever since she moved, she makes it a point to dissolve herself in the novel's tale to escape her present reality. She is never found without a book in reach. She is a fully-fledged otaku and yaoi-fanatic. She is also a RPG (Role-playing Games) and MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role-playing Games) gamer. She's mostly a happy-go-lucky and friendly person but now a secluded computer-addict, living in a virtual world. She's a mellow-downed Christian. And her ambition is to become a writer like the authors of the many novels she reads. She loves writing poems, stories (mostly series and not one-shot tales). She prefers fiction over non-fiction and that is where her writing and loved-reading materials are mostly based from. She is also a renowned coffee addict.

Janelle is from the Philippines and she has just recently moved to Canada, three years ago. She is currently residing with her parents in a townhouse in the city of Richmond. She just turned 20 years old; her birthday was on the twelfth of January, year 1989. She is a college-student, taking a BA double-minor in English and Creative Writing. She is also a part-time worker in a Starbucks cafe situated in a nearby, Chapters Richmond Bookstore. She is fluent in Filipino, Spanish, and English. She loves to learn new languages. Right now she is learning Japanese and German. Of the other courses she is currently taking are English and Creative Writing.

She unfortunately does not have any local close friends that could particularly associate with her, as she left them all when she was forced to move to Canada with her family. Her current 5-year best friend, Bryan Sarmiento, is presently living in North Ireland. He moved the year after she did. Her disability to create any close friendships is due to her dislike of the country (and anything associated with it) that robbed her of all things she deemed precious in her life. One of those was her former best friend and first love, Luigi Ferrer, of whose "#1 friend place" Bryan took over, after an argument on the day before her departure. Another was all her other close friends and relatives of which she constantly misses everyday she isn't on Maynila grounds. Lastly this country robbed her of the feeling of being at home in a place she belonged to.

Janelle's prevailing goal is to return to the Philippines or fly to Ireland, where Bryan is, as soon as possible; whichever is more plausible. This sounds simple enough, except things keep on getting in her way.

Today, Janelle has risen late and is in a rush for work. She opens her closet of which on top of all her clothes rests her valuable growing book collection and her finished, soon to be published masterpieces. She quickly clothes herself, packs her uniform, shoulders her cute back-pack, rushes downstairs, shoves a pandesal partly in her mouth, waves goodbye to her parents, and, much to her parents dismay, bashes out the door of their townhouse. She then slows down her walk a bit as she saw the bus was not yet nearing the bus-stop. She then takes the pandesal out of her mouth and eats it till the very last crumb, and takes a gulp of her water bottle to wash the contents down. She then buckles up and jay-walks, making it to the bus-stop just before the bus arrived. She gets on and is once again propelled to her regular everyday routine of wake up, fix self, eat, work or school (whichever is scheduled for the day), study, read, chat with friends on the computer, eat, sleep and await another unwelcomed event that would delay her voyage of leaving Canada.

The contents of her book collection in order of her arrangement are: "The Maximum Ride Series" (4 paperback books: "The Angel Experiment", "School's Out-forever", "Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports", and "The Final Warning" ) by James Patterson, "When the Wind Blows" and it's sequel "The Lake House" also by James Patterson (also paperback), "The Tortall Series" of Tamora Pierce [13 paperback books: "Terrier: The Legend of Beka Cooper", "Song of the Lioness Quartet" (4 books: "Alanna: The First Adventure", "In the Hand of the Goddess", "The Woman Who Rides Like a Man", and "Lioness Rampant" ) , "The Immortals Quartet" (4 books: "Wild Magic", "Wolf-speaker", "Emperor Mage", and "The Realms of the Gods"), and "Protector of the Small Quartet" (4 books: "First Test", "Page", "Squire", and "Lady Knight")], Stephen King's "Dark Tower Series" [8 books (first 3 paperback, the rest hardbound): "The Gunslinger", "The Drawing of the Three", "The Wastelands", "Wizard and Glass", "Wolves of the Calla", "Song of Susannah", "The Dark Tower", and "Everything's Eventual: The Little Sisters of Eluria"], Alex Sanchez's "Rainbow Series" (3 paperback books: "Rainbow Boys", "Rainbow High, and "Rainbow Road"), "So Hard to Say" also by Alex Sanchez, "Boy Meets Boy" by David Levithan, Mark Walden's "H.I.V.E. series" [2 books (1 paperback, the other hardbound): "H.I.V.E.: Higher Institute of Villainous Education" and "The Overlord Protocol (H.I.V.E.)"] "The Artemis Fowl Series" by Eoin Colfer (7 paperback books: "Artemis Fowl", "The Arctic Incident", "The Eternity Code", "The Opal Deception", "The Lost Colony", "The Time Paradox", and "The Artemis Fowl Files"), "Half-Moon Investigations" also by Eoin Colfer, and to top it all off a bunch of Japanese Manga.