She told me start writing happier and more cheerful fics. I blame her for this one.
My.. funny? attempt to write something humorous. Besides, I like cheese.

The Wonders of Cheese

"That is disgusting, Adam!" Lillian shrieked as her best friend Adam dipped a piece of extra cheesy Doritos in a bowl of melted cream cheese and stuffed it in his mouth. Lillian felt her eye twitch as her grey eyes focused on the orange smudge on the side of his lips. She saw his tongue make its way out of his mouth to capture the last morsel of cheesy crumbs stuck on his lips.

Lillian hated cheese. A lot. She finds cheese to be simply revolting. The foul stink of the cheese makes her inside turn. The holes in the cheese remind her of a beehive – and as much as she likes honey, she cannot stand to eat something that looks like a beehive. Cheese is overrated, anyways.

Adam rolled his eyes at the pettiness of his best friend whom he had known for all sixteen years of his life. He, on the other hand, is in love with cheese. He has to have cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - as well as any snacks in between.

"How can you hate cheese, Lils? Cheese is like duct tape. It holds the world together with its stringy goodness!" Adam explained with a mock sigh. It was now Lillian's turn to roll her eyes.

"Oh really? And just how do you explain that one Adam?" She retorted while crossing her arms. She cringes at the thought of having to clean up after her best friend. It was Friday night tradition that he comes over to his house to watch movies and just hang out with each other. Every Friday, as much as she hated the idea, he would bring over cheesy snacks of all sorts.

"Cheese is used in every single culture imaginable. Italians use it for pizza and everyone loves pizza. The Swiss is more popular than ever because of Swiss cheese! Cheese strengthens the American culture because of its ever so famous Mac and Cheese! The world would be a very different place without cheese." Adam answered with a nod. Lillian rolled her eyes once again.

"Perhaps the world would be different for the better without cheese." Lillian replied with a menacing stare.

"That is blasphemy Lillian! You know that I can't survive without Doritos, Cheetos, macaroni and cheese, pizza, and not to mention cheese ice cream! Without cheese, you'll be losing your bestest friend." Adam replied with a dramatic huff before eating yet another Doritos. He loves arguing with his best friend. It was in their routine to have at least one petty argument a day. It was how they communicated and he wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

"Cheese ice cream – strangely, I'm not even surprised. And just where do you get cheese -" Lillian's retort was cut off her best friend's lips attacking hers. Her eyes widened as Adam deepened the kiss. She could still distinguish the fainting taste of the cheesy Doritos in his lips. As much as she hated cheese, she wasn't the least disturbed by the fact. Adam pulled away making Lillian unknowingly whimper in protest. They stared at each other for a few moments, the kiss still rattling their minds.

"I say that I'm Swiss cheese and you're the holes. I'm never really complete without you." Adam broke the silence with a silly grin. His amber eyes twinkled mischievously. Lillian

felt her face crack open a smile.

She laughed a melodious laugh and hit him albeit shyly on his arm. "You are so cheesy!"

"And you love it." Adam replied before bending down once again to capture her lips in a kiss.

Perhaps cheese isn't so bad after all.