your raised brow is how this story has ended.
that pause where the words i want to hear
have taken a detour away from your lips,
these are the moments that make me cower,
the seconds that hang up from that mental tower.

your mouth agape is where the tale has gotten exciting.
i've spoken my words, though you don't seem anymore inviting.

somewhere towards the middle we were happy as can be
then i opened my mouth and spoke the whole truth,
and kept the slight stutter out of my teeth.

i ruined it here, and can't take it back.
the begining of this horror is painstakingly regular.
an awkward silence ended by the secret
that will you change us forever.

i love you i said.
but you stand at me with your jaw a little hung.
one brow raised and blubbering from your tongue.
i would take it back but what would that've done?

a smile has formed from the corners of your open mouth.
that raised brow is now moving south and
i think for a moment you'll laugh in my face,
but instead you take me in a surprising embrace.

how happy am i?
this chapter is done,
but a story has sprouted
who knows what has begun?