Can I Buy You?

Chapter 6

Danica had had enough.

She looked at Gin with eyes he would later tell her were called 'Tiger's Eyes' – dark, cold, clear-cut eyes with shards of power in them that not only made those who were caught in its range weak in submission but also captivated in adoration for the wielder – and embodied the spirit of the creature as her own, feeling the old her slip away as the beast's hunger began surfacing.

She barely took a step towards him when her cellphone began ringing shrilly from where she chucked her handbag haphazardly, shocking her old self back into the forefront with the beast at her side. Snarling at the incessant ringtone, she snatched her bag from the ground, dug out her cellphone, and shut it off. Grinning in self-satisfaction, she tossed it back into her handbag and threw the it towards the couch a few feet away from her, her old self and the beast molding into one. Locking her gaze with Gin's, she grabbed the ends of her soft-red shirt and jerked it off of her swiftly.

The moment her head popped out of the shirt, she watched Gin's eyes travel down to her plain bra and settled on her generous breasts. Smirking at his wide eyes, she dropped her shirt and began unbuttoning her jeans, thrusting her breasts out for show.

Gin swallowed loudly as he pressed himself more firmly to the wall, his left hand straying very close to the door's knob as if he were getting to run away. When she began pulling her jean's zipper down, he made a sound that reminded her of a yelping puppy before he stuttered out, "D-Dani, perhaps…uh, that is, perhaps you sh-should stop, not that I don't find you beautiful, but, uh, I…well, you really–"

"Shut up, Gin," Dani interrupted boldly, hooking her thumbs into the sides of her jeans and pulling them down smoothly, stepping out of them and playing with her bra and pink panties with the ends of her fingernails. "I bought you for three weeks. This is in your job description, if you've forgotten, and if you don't pleasure me in every way, you won't get paid."

OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING!? inner-Danica screamed.

HUSH, WEAKLING, beast-Danica snarled lowly, slinking up to Gin and placing a hand on his chest, running it up to trace his full lips slowly. Licking her lips, she sizzled up to him, pressing her chest to his and hooking one ankle around his knee, brushing her stomach to his groin area.

STOP IT! STOP IT! inner-Danica shouted hoarsely, her voice getting louder and louder at every un-Danica thing the beast manipulated her into doing.

Danica offered Gin her best come-hither smile and pressed her nose against his neck, her tongue flitting shyly up from his chin to his lower lip, her heated gaze holding his own glazed eyes as she gyrated slowly against him, feeling his nether regions react to hers. Chuckling darkly, she stepped back and sashayed towards the large window facing the bright metro, one hand pulling her bra straps down as she nibbled on the finger of the other. "Please me, hosto-san."

She watched Gin watch her with warm eyes, his breathing heavy as the proof of his attraction to her strained against his leather pants. His already messy silver hair looked divine as the moon played with the tips, falling down to his gunmetal-gray shirt and pooling there in silence, as if waiting for her to cup their love offering in her hands and drink. Tilting her head to one side, she moved her hands to her back and began unfastening her bra. "Well…? Hosto-san…"


Shutting the door close on her inner voice, Danica unsnapped her bra and allowed the edges to fall to the front, cupping her breasts in her arms as she wiggled a little, letting her bra fall down to the ground with a small giggle.

Gin licked his lips twice, his breathing still heavy. Lifting his eyes off her breasts, he seemed to come to a decision at long last and take up his host duties. Pushing away from the wall, he tugged his shirt away from him and met her eyes as seriously as he could. "Dani…are you sure?"

"Yes," she purred.

NO! her inner voice screeched.

Swallowing heavily, Gin lowered his gaze to the ground, counted to ten, then met Danica's eyes again. Shrugging off his leather jacket, he tossed it to one side and began unbuckling his belt, his eyes never leaving hers for one second.

When his belt dropped to the floor and he began nearing her, she just about dropped her arms away from her chest and press herself up against him when his hand came up, cupped her cheek, and whispered, "Don't cry, Dani. I won't hurt you."

Cry? Danica frowned and reached up, unconsciously leaving her upper body bare. When her fingertips encountered wet cheeks, she gasped and choked back a sob. Covering her mouth, she muffled a cry as more tears poured down her eyes, blurring her vision of the man before her as the voice she had silenced began wailing with her. Through the tears and sobs, she felt herself fall forward and land on a solid and warm chest, arms circling her and keeping her warm. "Gin… Gin!"

"Shhh… It's alright…" he reassured her gently, rubbing his big hands over and across her back, kissing the tops of her head comfortingly as he repeated the same line over and over again, allowing her to cry and lose herself in his arms.

When she felt so broken and empty inside, her tears simply trickling out on their own as her throat yearned for water, she felt her feet leave the ground and Gin's arms wrap themselves around her upper body and behind her knees. She felt him walk through his suite, open the door to their room, and laid her on the large, soft bed. After tucking her in, she felt him lean in, caress his cheek, and gave her the softest kiss on her temple.

They stared at each other for a full minute, each of them silently asking unknown questions to the other. Then, after a moment's hesitation, Gin leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips, as if they both knew that alone held all the answers.

Danica touched her lips, looked up at the man before her, and sighed. "Gin…" A teardrop fell slowly down the side of her cheek as she sniffed softly. "I… I'm so sorry…" She reached out, wrapped her hand around his right hand, and brought it down towards her chest, glad for the blanket that now covered her naked breasts, as she felt a strangled sob jump inside her chest. She looked to one side as she continued with difficulty, "I-I haven't done this before and, well, that was my first kiss–"

"Mine too," Gin added.

Danica laughed at the sudden insertion, squeezing Gin's hand in appreciation. "Oh, please. As if." She wiped away a few stray tears, breathed in deeply, and took in his kind and worried gaze. It was the sincerity in his eyes that did it for her. "I've never bought a host before," she began softly, "and I never expected to do this when I arrived here. Actually, the whole reason why I'm here in the first place…"

And after a few minutes, she dozed off, her hold on Gin's hand never letting up.

Ginji stayed by Dani's side for half and hour after she fell asleep, his free hand stroking her cheek and bare shoulders unconsciously as he thought over what she had just revealed. If host-Ginji was shocked, the real Ginji even more so. As he wiped her dried tears away from her soft skin, he heard his little brother's words so clearly in his head from that night that sealed his fate.

"Whore, host, prostitute… Give me any title that has to do with giving pleasure and happiness to another human being and I'm all set."

"People need someone to make them feel special, important, unique, sexy…and loved. This is what I do, nii-san. Does that sound really bad to you? Tell me, nii-san… Tell me if you would deny someone the right to feel any or all of those from me."

Ginji even remembered what he shouted at Kenji.

"Even if you make the person feel all that, it's not real! They're paying for it and you're just giving them what they expect you to give them! None of it is real–"

"Are you sure?"

"It's the curse of being a host, nii-san, and the blessing."

A curse…and a blessing…

Kenji was so right.

Ginji cupped Dani's warm cheek in his hand and looked down at her parted, soft lips, remembering the kiss he shared with her. He wasn't lying when he told her that it was his first, but since it made her feel better… He chuckled softly and shook his head. They were a strange pair, they were.

He considered telling her the truth about him as well, but her world was just shattered. He couldn't bring himself to shatter this little world they had created for themselves too quickly. Rather, he concurred with Kenji's point: he wanted to give Dani pleasure and happiness. He wanted her to feel special, unique, sexy and…loved.

He didn't know if he was in love with her. Not yet, anyway, but probably…

Sighing, he felt a small headache coming. He couldn't understand a lot of what she revealed to him. She wasn't forced into doing whatever she had done to achieve what she did in the end, but she still felt chained down. She had so many opportunities to further herself in the world, but she didn't even know what she wanted anymore. She didn't find herself attractive in the very least. She found her accomplishments empty and her family's 'encouragements' even more so. She was lost, confused, lonely and frustrated.

And he had become her anchor.

Sighing once more, he moved away from the bed carefully, tucking the blanket more securely around her neck, trying not to look down at where her bare chest was situated underneath the thick cover. He covered her supple and slim legs with the ends of the blanket from where she had kicked them off in her sleep and patted her on her thigh lightly. "Oyasumi, Dani."

When he was out of the room, he shut the door securely behind him, exhaled and took his cellphone out, pressing a number for a long time as he moved to the dining area. When his brother answered on the third ring, he said, "Ken… I need your help–"

"On sex? Sure. You about to do the dirty?"

"No, not that." Ginji heaved a sigh, sat down on the chair, and ran a hand through his hair, a groan and moan molding into one as he remembered Dani from the moment she took her shirt off to the time she broke down in his arms. "I think…the situation's more complicated than we thought."

"Seriously? But it's only the first day."

Ginji snorted and closed his eyes, remembering the small, sweet and sad smile Dani gave him when he told her that that was his first kiss as well. And I have 20 more days to survive. The end of the line suddenly looked farther than he thought at first, and he mumbled a curse to foul that his brother began panicking on the other end of the line for him.


"Tiger's Eyes" - taken from the anime titled 'Mirage of Blaze' but mentioned in other titles (anime, novel, movies, drama, etc.)

Oyasumi - Good night

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