Well, its time I think for another update. Its been a but of a while, but I've been a bit sidetracked due to tests and stuff, and I've got some fairly important ones coming up. You should be happy I found time to update really. I mean really happy. Just feel happy already. OK, so now you're hopefully feeling happy, sit back, relax, and enjoy a bit of life at its weirdest.

I'm becoming more miserable by the day. Which might also be a reason why I'm not typing on this as much. Yeah, I'm gonna contradict myself here and say that I'm an extremely happy person, because I am, but I make the happiness miserable, or cynical. That's just the way I am. I mean, I hate things. I hate things like boy bands, toilet seats, and rainbows, but I hate them all for different reasons. There's this group called JLS (lucky you if you've never heard of them). They sing this song called 'One Shot'. I mean, they're just asking for it really. By naming the song that, there was obviously gonna be jokes about 'making that shot count' and killing the lot of them. I think I'll stop myself ranting on, cause you don't want to hear any more. (If you do, you're mentally unstable. Like myself).

I'll just chat about Business Studies, where our teacher has actually created a Business oriented version of basketball on his computer (you heard correctly). Its basically you answer a question, and if you get it right, you get to go for the two or three pointer. Although if you miss you get typical demotivating taunts thrown at you, which is something that the teacher is now unsurprisingly known for. Basically, you miss the shot, and you get things like 'You know nothing', and 'You're useless', and also a really loud buzzing noise, which is actually very unpleasant. He also threatened to break the leg (the other is already broken) of a kid, just so he'd stop mucking around with his crutches, and 'get his arse in a wheelchair'.

Our physics teacher was incredible the other day. He told us to stop throwing stuff around the room, but his eyes lit up when he realized it was a bouncy ball. He proceeded to play with it for the rst of the lesson.

You ever been near a pregnancy test kit? I doubt it, but I have, me and on of my friends bought it for a laugh the other day. Apparently we're both pregnant. Really? What abomination of god am I gonna give birth to?! Lets be honest here, you wouldn't like to know, or see. Or smell.

I had to make a speech in 'Study Skills' (which I still don't get), and we could do a speech on anything we felt like. Which was pretty awesome. Some people decided to talk about their favourite people, their friends, animals, things like that. I wanted an interesting topic, so I narrowed it down to 4 subjects, all random, and all I knew nothing about (in fact, some which I didn't like, I just thought it would be funny coming from me). They were, badgers, toilet seats, and gangster rap. And also gangster rapping badgers with automatic toilet seats. In the end I decided against them all, and settled on the topic of 'Life' because this meant I could talk about anything I could think of. So I told the class about my escapades including 'Subway Sandwich Woman', 'Drunken Lamppost Fight Guy', and 'Man who told me I had a big penis for a 10 Year Old'. Excellent stuff.

Well, its the holidays now, so I may be a little slow with all my updating like I already have been the past month. I'll write if I get an incentive to write, by that I mean more readers.

Can't think of much more to say currently, and also, they're is not much of a point really. I want back to the boom days of January when I had almost 25 visitors to this page. Yes, that many. God. Also, I'll update again tomorrow, as long as I get enough hits/reviews. Might just update anyway. I'll be seeing you.

Luke. 2000+10.