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Eliza curled her toes as she was leisurely kissed to wakefulness. She opened her eyes and stared up into the twin blue pools that stared back down at her. The thick blanket over top of their heads blocked out most of the light, but she knew 'twas morning.

"'Tis a beautiful morn, my love. Ye should have been awake by now."

She groaned and pushed him away. She would never understand where his infinite energy came from. Of course, he was not the one carrying a heavy child in his womb, a child who seemed far more determined than her first offspring to kick her into submission.

After the birth of their daughter, some years passed before Blaise managed to put another child in Eliza's womb. Not for a lack of trying on their part. But after so long with no other little ones coming, they had just settled themselves with the thought that they would only be blessed with one. Then it happened again, and Eliza was grateful that she was not alone during the first months like she had been the second time around.

Eliza closed her eyes and pulled a heavy pillow over her head, turning away from the cheeriness in her husband's face.

No sooner had she done so did her back tingle as Blaise's devilish fingers laboured against the hard flesh, taming the stiff muscles until they became happy slop.

She moaned, allowing the pillow to slip from her head as Blaise's lips came to her ear. "Are we to have another day in bed, my love?"

She opened her mouth and a sound came out but 'twas not coherent even to her own ears, so she nodded. So long as he did not stop rubbing that spot she did not care what they did.


Alice quietly shut the door and ran away from her parent's bedchamber. She had been told very strictly from her parents and both her grandfathers that if she were to ever burst in her parent's chamber and find them hidden under the covers, she was to ask no questions, make no sounds, turn about, and leave as quickly and quietly as possible.

The words in which the warning was continually spoken made her curious, but fearful, and she kept to the wishes of her family.

She ran into the great hall and took a seat beside her grandmother, though she didn't seem to notice her presence. Her uncles were attempting to best each other in an eating contest and Marianne was too preoccupied in trying to put their game to a halt to pay any mind to her.

Her grandfather, William, shook his head at the antics of his sons before he took his third son, Jefferey, from Marianne's arms, allowing her to properly scold Henry and Edward.

The infant made delighted sounds for his father, and William's hand softened the head of red hair in a gentle motion before he kissed the boy's head.

Alice's father had always been particularly pleased that Jefferey had red hair, though she did not fully understand why.

"Will grandfather Nicholas come for a visit tonight?"

Her grandfather turned his eyes away from his children for a moment to address her question. "It has been two days since his last visit, so we can likely expect him since he is overdue."

Alice grinned. Her grandfather always brought her small gifts whenever he came. She enjoyed being spoiled.

"Where are your parents?" Marianne asked, having finally settled the eating game between Henry and Edward. She took Alice's blonde hair in her hands and began to braid it.

"I think they are ill again because they were under the covers in bed."

Marianne abruptly halted her actions, then nodded. She sent a secretive smile at William, who sent her the same look.

"What is it?" Alice asked.

Her grandmother resumed her work on Alice's hair. "Nothing ye should concern yerself with. Try not to knock on their door while they are inside. Allow them to come out on their own."

William lifted his goblet in his free hand to drink. "Then we shall not see them all day, I fear."


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