As every story should start…

There was once upon a time, a brave warrior, born in the norse tribes, the Norn's had granted him a thread of glory long enough that he could overcome his time, a warrior by the name of Brandner, countless were his victories, every time he would sail, he would conquer the sea, and drag riches to his homeland, the people in the tribe grew prosperous and soon named him their leader, later he became king of man, and as time went by, his kingdom spread throughout the land, but one thing he had missed, an heir, he was growing older and there was no one to keep his bloodline alive.

There was not a day he would not regret his mistake, his terrible sin, and many wives had he slain blaming them for his mistake, every time a child was born, Skuld would hurry to cut the child's thread, leaving the king with no one to love, for he would go insane, madness would blind him until he had slain his wife, and so it was his curse, it would haunt him until his last days, drawing him slowly away from his people.

The curse was placed by a wicked being, a witch, Brandner was young, his golden hair floating, a perfect body kissed by the sun and forged by the sea and proud as no man should be, one day during one of his early campaigns he parted from his men in search for a land suitable for a battle, but what he found was the witches lair, fearless as he was he broke into her lair, but she did not harm him nor punished him, for she was amazed by him, it was like her spells had gone against her, making her fall madly in love for the young man, she offered him hospitality, he accepted.

Her raspy voice, a hunched figure, thin fingers, and pale as bones fitted perfectly the hellish sight.

"you know dear, I know every meadow, every tree… the gods know I've seen this lands secrets, but never someone like you" she said tempted by his lips, longing for that body to curl up with hers, he had no interest, "I know ways to make you stronger, to make you unstoppable…" she whispered in his ears, that surely caught his attention…

"And how can you do that" he said interested.

"a Brewing, no longer than 3 days it will take to be done" she said, her hands exploring his muscled arms, he jerked at her attentions, but for the witch, his rejection was only wood feeding the fire inside her, "don't you want your name among the gods, your story to trespass the barrier of time?" She said in a more seductive tone, almost singing. "Powerful, beyond your wildest dreams you will become, rich as no man on this land" her lips almost touching his. He was disgusted by her breath on him.

"the price…" Brandner ask just to be silenced by a delicate finger placed on his lips, soft and tender as any maid, his eyes traced the finger, run up through the young flesh in her arms, her shoulder, the white collarbone that preceded a white graceful long neck a round face with dark eyes, a cold expression that granted the woman some sort of godess air, her full red lips whispered, "Just some company for a lonely woman", a lustful kiss sealed the deal.

It had been 3 days since the encounter, and Brandner reached the witches lair once again, a peculiar stench coming from it, he entered, he saw the old woman's frame in front of a cauldron, "There you are my love, your petition is almost ready" she said as she poured some of the brewing in a silver cup while chanting an ancient spell, a mystic icy blue vapors emerged from the cup, "Drink, drink my king, until the last drop" she said and he motioned towards her, he took the cup ambitiously, he savored the elixir, and until the last drop was poured in his mouth he did not let go of the cup, the witch held to his perfect body, breathed his scent, his heartbeat became for her as sweet as a melody sang by the maidens, he pushed her away.

"how do I know this worked" Brandner demanded, "Today in the battlefield, you'll be stronger than any of your opponents, no blades shall stain with your blood, and before the moon is ready to die, a new nation will worship you" she said crawling slowly to his feet, drunk in love she was, a soft giggle made the witch freeze, she grew nervous.

Brandner followed the noise, cautiously he moved searching for the origin, he stopped in front of a pile of rag sheets, "It's nothing my lord, nothing but a vermin" she almost said pleading, hoping he would turn and leave, he searched the sheet and with the tip of his blade he moved some aside, surprised for what he saw he drew back, the witch covered the creature, it was sure like a baby, but deformed as a troll, "trying to trick me, weren't you witch", Brandner said and beheaded the old woman with a simple movement of his sword, a smirk drew in his lips, "you won't be trading your elixirs anymore, better for me" and with another swift move he pierced the pile of sheets, a greenish bloodlike liquid poured from beneath, Brandner turned and in his way spilled the cauldron, threw everything to the floor, even the oil saved for the lamps.

The brewing soon reached the witch's head granting life back, "I curse you!!!" her voice made Brandner turn in fear, "I curse you!!!, never will you have an heir, your bloodline will die along with you!, nor will you love, for madness will take every body that lies with you" she said spitting her blood to his feet, Brandner tossed a torch into the ground, the fire consuming everything, the witch was now to pay her debt to the underworld, Brandner left the lair behind, like nothing had happened, -Old woman's babbling- he thought and once he reached his man, he lead them into battle, and as the witch had told him, he made it into the night, no wounds in his body, even after such a cruel campaign, he had overcome his contendants, and a new land was added to his kingdom, the now slaves bowed in respect for their conqueror, they worshipped him, for their lives to be spared.

Many years had passed and every word of the witch became true, he had no heir, for his children had been born dead, nor he had a wife to care for, madness had took them, and in other cases taken him, until their souls were set free from their fleshy prison.

It wasn't until Brandner had taken his thirteenth wife that a child escaped the witches curse, a beautiful woman, he married, her pinkish skin, gold like hair and curves that any maiden in Valhalla would be jealous about, made her a rightful companion for any king, but she also had knowledge in the dark arts, for her mother had taught her, taught her well, her name Asta, simply Asta.

Brandner as proud as he was, never told anyone about the witch, but Asta found out trough the magic runes, when she found that she was bearing a child, she begged help from the gods, but they wouldn't intervene, they disliked to, soon a playful god with a twisted mind, decided to go against the Norn's, he send Asta a dream, in such dream he appeared as an old lady picking flowers right down the Queen's window, in the dream Asta talked to the old lady and crying she revealed what she had learned about the witches curse, the old god, disguised asked her if she wanted the baby to be alive, Asta nodded, and swiftly the god slipped a plan in the chatter, he indicated a few ingredients that had to be mixed when the child was born, and placed in the child's body before the father sees it, and without any other observers, then the dream was gone, and Asta arose from her bed, her husband sleeping peacefully by her side, and a triumphant smile in her lips.

The day came that the child was to be born, the queen casted every maid out of her room, she alone was to deliver the baby, and so she did, the maids were trying to break in, believing the queen had gone mad they called for her husband, he reached the door and threatened to brake in , Asta only hurried to mix the ingredients, just as the woman in the dream had told her, then the child was born, lifeless, gently she scrubbed the childs body with the strange mixture, from head to toes she scrubbed and nothing, it was just a dream, her child was nowhere close to cry, to breathe.

Asta started to cry, to scream, Brandner was forced to believe the curse had taken place again, he broke down the heavy door, just to see his queen forcing a blade trough her wound, the lifeless child lying in the bed, so many times he had to go through this, maybe all the glory wasn't enough to deserve this … this madness.

A child broke into tears, the once lifeless child was now crying her lungs out, the maids hurried to care the baby, "It's alive my lord, IT's alive, a little girl" they said, this were the last words Asta heard, "alive" she repeated as her soul escaped her body, she had asked the old woman to have a child, alive, but never had she asked her to find a way to fight the curse that lied on her head.

Brandner took the child from the maids hands, and leaving the dying Asta behind he moved to his hall, "prepare a feast" he said observing the crying baby, "Prepare a feast, let no man leave until he is totally satisfied, bring enough buzz so no one leaves until drunkenness blinds him, for Sigrun was born tonight!!!"


I'd love some comments on this, it was something that was in my mind for some days, and just let me know if it is worth keep writing this, thank you.