"Come brave warrior, come to me" the young woman said, her cherry lips tempting him, a long wavy hair glowing just like gold, a grey gown hugging the curves of that milky skin, and eyes so deep, so blue, so mysterious, like the sea.

Small hands trying to hug his strong arms, she smiles and stares deep into his eyes, he cant move, no matter how eagerly he desires her, he cant touch her, he can only get drunk in her scent, and has no other choice but to satisfy his lust only with her presence, she smiles and allows her soft hands trail the muscles on his bare arm, he cant speak, she starts playing with the warrior's garnment .

"Do you promise you'll come to me… promise me you'll be there when I call for you…" she says almost whispering with a breaking voice, like she is about to brake in tears, finally she trails his arms once more, just to reach hi big hands, easily he could grab both her hands with only one of his, but he seems powerless in front of her, she lets his hands free and slowly walks away, a sweet lullaby in her lips, a smile ready to melt any heart, he just observes her leave, even if he doesn't want her to, she starts dancing as the lullaby transform into a song a song that become really loud and then fades, she satnd there scare, frighten in her eyes, she looks in his direction completely freaked, she screams for help, as a shadow starts covering her, she can't move and keeps screaming for help, until she disappears.

Thorburn awakes, his minds grows uneasy, as he gets of his bed, he takes his clothes and gets ready as his lover is still sleeping, he takes his blade and leaves the room, the moon is still set high in the dark sky as he reaches the highest point in the fortress, there he witnesses the greatness of the sea, he closes his eyes and leets the salty scent fill his lung, he rests his body against the hard rock wall, then a man comes by his side, "another dream?" he asks, Thorburn only nods, "Is it the same dream everytime?" he asks again, Thorburn opens his eyes and addresses at the man, "Stig, sometimes I think these are not dreams, every night I have a different dream, yet I see myself in every single one, powerless, bursting in my insides, but still powerless, but tonight my dream spoke to me" Thorburn said in a very serious tone, Stig was intrigued, but silence only followed what Thorburn had just said, after a moment Stig asked, "and my lord what did your dream told you?", Thorburn placed his hand on Stig's shoulder, and with a playful smile he said "Well it said I should be getting drunker everynight so it stops hunting me", laughter followed, just to hide Thorburn's concern, even as Stig had been Thorburn's childhood friend, now things had changed with the years, Stig was his friend, then his training companion, and now a faithful servant, now that Thorburn had become the leader of an expeditionary force, now that his father had finally trusted him with something of importance, the last he needed was to show weakness in front of his servants, he was a leader now, he had to be strong, fearless, to honor his ancestors and his house, and no dream nor old ladies tales would stop him.

Thorburn was the second son of Oddvar the dragon slayer and the ever beautiful Thora, his father's favorite, who died giving birth to her second child, a young girl who didn't make it aswell. Thorburn had only two brothers, his oldest brother Odell the conqueror and Hamar the youngest. Oddvar was particularly proud of his first son, truth be told, Odell had this innate quality that made him fearless and cold blooded, he would never hesistate, Odell would get his way no matter how, this according to Oddvar was the quality every great king was born with, Thorburn and Hamar were under Odell's command, Odell had won the right to command a float at a very young age and ever since he had gone through the villages, conquering, destroying, slaying.

Morning had come and Thorburn had awaited for it in the great hall, state mater were to be treated now that le latest victory had been celebrated, man gathered in the great hall early in the morning, the last one to come was Oddvar the dragonslayer, accompanied by the victorious Odell, all three brothers sat next to his father, Odell as usual sat closer to him by his right, the other two would sit at his left, but at a certain distance.

"greetings great Oddvar the dragon slayer, and ruler of this land, it is my pleasure to inform that Odell's latest raid, brought us fortunes from across the great sea, none can compare to your son, and I'm sure that tales would be written about the bravery shown by your man, but most important the fierce blade of you house" one man spoke and was cheered by the presents, another stood in front of your father and as soon as the cheering ended he started, "My lord, I' pleased to inform that your land has riches beyond compare among of those of our kind, your treasure is bigger than this hall, and the blood running through the veins of your house is more precious than gold, our people thanks the gods for such a great ruler and prays for your well being" he said and bowed, again, the cheering started and the scene was repeated so many times, that Thorburn was lost in his thoughts for a while now, the man that kept talking were delegates from all the corners of the kingdom , they had come to pay the tribute owed to their king and conqueror, but a little buttkissing wasn't doing any wrong. Of course this was more than glory to Odvvar and Odell, Thorburn on the other hand was completely bored and tired of the fake smiles in this delegates faces, he stared blankly to the windows, hoping for something to distract him until this charade was over, the Norns heard his whishes and for once granted them.

A flag was seen In the distance, the watchman announced the arrival of a friendly ship, and the buttkissing ceremony was ended, it took the messenger on the boat maybe a couple hours to reach the shore and the fortress, which he did in a hurry, as soon as he had landed he reached for the great hall eager to find someone to help him "Greetings my lord, and forgive my rudeness, but my mission demands it, I've come to find brave warriors, and this land, this ruler has fame across the seas to have the greatest warriors under his command" once again the man cheered, "A demon haunts my lords lands, a demon so cruel and cowards that attacks protected by the veil of night, a hundred warriors maybe more he has already slain, he comes in the night and tears the flesh, he feeds in villagers organs, he leaves only cattle in the prairies, they say his skin is hard as rock, his breathing leaves a stench behind, so strong that doesn't leave the place for days, he is as silent as a shadow, but real as I stand in front of you" he ended, everyone remained in silence, Oddvar stood from his elaborated seat, "And by Odin does this forsaken creature has a name, and what if we decide to come to your lords aid, what's in for us" he said in an arrogant tone, the messenger with a devilish smile answered, "His name, is still unknown for us, but for whomever dares to face this demon, Gold and riches awaits, and tales to engrave this hero's strength"

"And who's land is this" Odell asked intrigued, fame and fortune were the keyword to have his attention, the messenger sadly answered, "my lord has no sons to fight more battles, the years have called on him, he has no son to honor his blood, my lord is the great Brandner the fearless" Everyone stood there in silence, Brandner was a legend, the tales of his countless victories roamed the land and crossed the seas, it was awkward to reactive a call from someone so strong so powerful in his time, and now seemed defenseless.

Odell left his seat and raising his sword he said, "I Odell son of Oddvar the Dragon slayer will answer this call, I and a bunch of my father's men will prove you're so called demon a kitten when he sees us!" Raising his sword he called for his man, who gathered also raising their swords, the messenger bowed "Many foolish man have died at the demons hands, don't call victory when you haven't yet reached the battlefield" he said, almost whispering, but loud enough for Thorburn, who had been observing him closely, to hear. "Glory is yours my son, take your brother and as many man as you please, fulfill your destiny, prepare, prepare my son, you'll be sailing as soon as the new sun raises!!!" Oddvar said taking his seat, "let's celebrate tonight!! lets feast together, for who knows tomorrow we might be feasting in valhalla!". A new feast started, and many men come closer to Odell to congratulate and to offer their services to him, Thorburn left the great hall concerned at what he had heard, but don't mistake him for a coward, he was as brave as his brother, but he had a calculating mind, he considered everything when going into battle, unlike Odell he was not compulsive, that was the greatest difference between them.

Night had come once again and the feast was over, man had retired to rest before the great adventure, the messenger was now drunk sleeping on the table, as many other man did, Thorburn was again at the highest point in the fortress, alone as usual, Odell was probably having fun with some women, war and women that's what ruled Odell's life.

"there you are my dear, I can't think of living without you, I would die if you leave me tomorrow without a friendly goodbye" Haldis said as he reached for Thorburn's face, he jerked her touch, "whats troubling your mind, you aren't scared are you?" Haldis said again trying to get a hold of Thorburn, Haldis had loved Thorburn since her childhood, she had reddish hair framing beautiful green eyes, her youth granted her a voluptuous figure, but her feelings were not corresponded, yet she could be considered as Thorburns companion, she would always be there when he called, even if that meant a hot night together, and a lonely bed when she woke up, she loved him, and the least of attention she would get form him would be plenty for her to be satisfied, Thorburn moved away from Haldis, "what I have in mind is none of your business leave me alone" he said, she was hurt, "well if you don't want me then I'll find someone who does" Haldis said trying to provoke something on him, but nothing would come, she would leave angrily just to watch over him from a distance, it was so common in her, sometimes she would fall asleep sitting on the stairs or hiding behind the doors, Thorburn would never mind, he was always focused on his thoughts and he knew Haldis incapable of fulfilling her threats.

As Thorburn observes the stars, across the sea in a different land, a maiden shares the sky with him without knowing it.

She hopes for a brave warrior to free her father's land from the creature, eagerly she desires to find a way to compensate her father's lack of sons.


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