To Die For by AndromedaMarine

New school and no friends
Outcast in the crowd
Her voice never loud
The teasing begins.

She's not very thin
Too much peer pressure
Things are never sure
But she cannot change.

Does anyone notice?
Does anyone care?
She made the choice
To die for despair.

He doesn't fit in
There's nowhere to turn
There's too much to learn
The stress is too much.

He's clumsy, not cool
He just wants new friends
Instead his life ends
He needed a chance.

Did anyone see him?
Did anyone know?
He made the choice
To die for shadow.

Her mother just died
She's lost in the tears
Been angry for years
The moment will come.

Cold laughter and glares
She's on the last thread
Won't rise from the bed
The pills are all gone.

Did anyone help her?
Did anyone see?
She made the choice
To die to be free.

He's locked in his head
Unable to cope
He's losing all hope
And dying inside.

He's quiet and shy
Alone in his mind
His life undefined
No answer will come.

No one saw them.
No one knew.
To die for the world -
They all died for you.

You ignored them, their pleas
Their silent goodbyes.
And now they're all gone –
Destroyed, and he dies.

To die for despair
Or beauty, or fame
In the end it all matters
For they remember your name.

To die for a shadow
Of friendship or hope
In the end it all matters,
Because they have to cope.

To die to be free
From oppression and guilt
In the end it all matters.
Everything's gone. Never rebuilt.