Crying Out

Reluctantly I handed over my heart
Enthusiastically I loved your soul
Now things have fallen apart
You've left me with an empty hole

Frightened, I stand here alone
Unenlightened, I cry for your embrace
My heart is like a shattered stone
All I want is to see your face

Fasting from love, my heart cries for you
Everlasting, my soul searches for its other half
My emotions as fragile as morning dew
I year to hear your voice, to hear you laugh

Shattered, as a diamond struck
Battered, as a storm tossed ship
Crying for you has brought me no luck
You merely slipped from my grip

Forevermore together you promised me
Nevermore together you said in the night
Paying no heed to my desperate plea
Now you say nothing left, you won't even fight

Holding out, I cry my pain aloud to the world
Beholding you turn on me, giving me despair
Is this how you act, your banner unfurled
To strike at a broken heart laid bare

Unknowing I cried out for you
Bestowing my trust to carry me through
And without considering this is what you do
My pain I cannot subdue

Crying out now, can't you see that
Dying now, for you to be here
What makes you think I would strike like that
When I pledge you my love still, holding it here