"So that's just it? You're leaving?" Derrick asked suddenly from the doorway, the light coming in from behind him and silhouetting his figure.

"Another lawyer will be coming to replace me. She's very good, much more… Experienced, as you would say." Erin huffed, not even turning to look, her clothes bundled to her chest as she tried to fit them back into their bags.

"I don't want another lawyer," He was behind her now, his voice darker, "I like the one I have just fine."

"Well, I'm sorry. I just don't think I'm in the right place anymore." She said firmly, having gone over this a thousand times in her head.

"Sorry? Honey, you may be many things, but you're not sorry…" His tone was condescending, which was no different from the usual, but it infuriated her even more. She whirled around to face him, her long hair whipping around her, sticking to the gloss on her lips.

"What the hell does that mean?" Her hands on her hips, she tried her best to look down upon him, but dammit, he was too tall.

"You're running away. And to what? You're going to go home to LA, back to an empty apartment, an empty fridge and an empty bed. You'll go right back to being just that: empty, cold, cruel. That super bitch lawyer that first came to my house at three in the morning and had the nerve to complain about MY attitude. That's not you, not who you are and you know that. The girl I know is the one who is too shy to dance in a club, but too stubborn to admit it." Derrick Black smiled softly, reaching out to brush the strands of hair away from her mouth.

"You think you know so much about me? And who the hell are you? Some famous Rock Star living his fifteen minutes to the max because he knows it's only temporary. Everything about you is a show, a big production; from your car to your clothes, even your eyes! Is there anything about you that's real?" She lashed out, angry and hurt by his words, but mostly the gentleness that lay in his eyes. She turned around again quickly, shoving more clothes into her bags, not even caring how they fit anymore.

Suddenly his arms came around her, his chest pressed against her back and his wrists crossed at the front of her collarbone, his right hand sliding slightly under her shirt, but staying pressed against her flesh, feeling her heart pumping wildly underneath, "This is real…" He circled around her slowly as her chin fell forward, her eyes avoiding his. He took her hand and placed it over his own heart underneath the unbuttoned dress shirt, "So is this."

Kneeling down slightly, his fingertips under her chin and pulling her up slightly. Reluctantly her eyes met his, shiny with tears as his thumb brushed over her lower lip, "And this."

Author's Notes: So yeah, this is like a tiny preview of what I'm kind of working on. This scene kept getting stuck in my head while I was planning out the rest of the story, so I decided to just spit it out and maybe use it as a teaser of some sort. The main story is going to be about these two characters (obviously a romance because I'm cheesy and I like writing romance), one of which is a rock star (I got Rock Band 2 for Christmas and it's been a ton of inspiration) and the other is his lawyer. It's gonna have murder, Europe, delicious twists and turns and everything you've come to expect from me by now.

Expect it… Sometime… Ish. I'm gonna say a month and you have to hold me up to that. Email me sometime and let me know that I need to stop procrastinating and start writing at .