We cry at every funeral

Yet we survive on the blood of the dead

If you stare at your tongue in the mirror

Looks more black than red

As we light a match and burn our souls

We're turning into plastic dolls

Morals fade to static noise

Just thinking of ways to please the boys

Eyes stare through, the back of our heads

Sneak to the cupboard, steal the meds

Try to shut the voices up

Get the whiskey, fill the cup

In this world, we live to sin

Feel the forbidden, use again

Flames licking at your stake

Burn alive, or drown in lake?

Dreams fade to the back of our minds

Even as we let them rule our lives

Those little fantasies that we ignore

Become us, until we aren't there anymore

As we cry at the deaths of family and friends

We feed on their life, we make their end

Forever waiting for our turn

First to be buried, then to burn

We kill others souls and damn our own

If there's a way out it is not shown

But still, we keep searching for a way

Until we find our end of days

We are all the same as sure as me

We are all the same, and will forever be

But still we try to save ourselves

With these identities, we stole off the shelves

So put down the pitchforks, put down the lies

Put out the fires that burn in your eyes

Stop the yelling, stop the screams

Your world's coming apart from the seams

No matter which way your life does end

At the end we all are dead

So give your life meaning, remember to live

Give your heart, if it's all you can give

And sorry for the slightly random ending, with some of my poems I end up with this verse at the end which has something wrong with it but I can't fix it. It just never seemed quite right. I'm working on it with my newer ones, but this one's quite old, so yeah.