Michael Connery was a officer for the NYPD, living in the suburbs of Queens with his sister, Sarah and have a pet dog named Nadroj. While off-duty, he and his sister would often visit their parents every summer in Rhode Island. Because of his upbringing Michael's also a New England sports fan despite living in New York although he happens to be a fan of Michael Strahan as well. Being in the force for five years he's been considered a goofball and is somewhat inept due to several mistakes he made that got him into trouble including the time when he helped several burglars broke into the house thinking that they locked themselves out and have forgotten to bring the keys, he was suspended the next morning and the entire department's featured on a front page news as a subject of ridicule. Not surprisingly it wasn't the first time he's been suspended and it won't be the last.

One night Michael was at the bar when a news cuts in the middle of the Jets/Patriots game about the deaths of a family in Markham, Ontario. It was said that there were investigations and so far no leads have turn up, eerily parts of the victims' faces were missing. As Michael was ready to leave, he stopped at the mention of a name of the victim of the car accident that happened earlier that day, Brian Trish. Stunned Michael stopped and listen to the news report to learn what just happened.

"What's going on?" the bartender ask

"I knew this guy, he's a good friend of mine" Michael answers frantically

"Since when?" the bartender chuckles

"Highschool before he moved to Canada, heard he got married...something I haven't able to do since that failed internet dating,"

"I told you people don't put real pictures of themselves when it comes to internet dating,"

"Anyway I'm going to Canada to find out what just happened, Brian would never drive recklessly unless he have a reason to,"

"You know you're suspended right?"

"Yes, I know but I'm not going to let this one go unanswered even though we have no jurisdiction"

"Good luck Mike, you're going to need it" muttered the bartender as he's ready to close the bar for a night

Next day Michael was driving to Ontario, but on his way to upstate it became dark and tries to find a motel. Moments later when trying to find a motel that still have a vacancy he encounters a boy who looked no older than twelve. Seeing this, Michael stop the car right next to the boy and said "Sir, I need your help"

"What is it?" asked Michael

"I need a lift back home, it's quite late you see and I need a ride" the boy answers

"Okay" said Michael ignoring the fact that it's unusual for a kid to be out there late at night and was ready to let him in when something caught his attention

"Um...kid, what's wrong with your eyes?" asked Michael

"I just want to go home," said the boy

"I said what the hell happened to your eyes!" Michael angrily responds

For the first time ever the mysterious kid have been unnerved, how did it happen? To him the man in the car is just another pathetic human being who was supposed to fear him and drive away at the risk of accident, what the hell just happened? Who the hell do he think he is?

Angrily the kid shouts "I got it in a fight okay! Happy now?"

"Gee, if that's your attitude then forget it!" said Michael as he drives away

"You stupid son of bitch, come back here!" the black eyed kid screams until he notice a pair of bright lights right behind him. The kid turns around and to his horror, a tour bus came and that was the last thing he sees before it hits him.

Meanwhile at the alleyway in Ontario, a group of black eyed kids were having a group meeting discussion what just happened.

"I have just received a text message from Gary in New York, apparently one of our own Stan have gotten careless and got hit by a bus," said the messenger

"How pathetic, good riddance to that disgrace!"

"Not exactly!" the leader said suddenly

"How is that my lord?" said one of the kids

"Messenger, what did Gary also text us regarding what happened?" said the leader

"Before Stan was hit, he was foolishly trying to draw in a victim on his own, no idea what just happened but for some reason he became angry and lost his composure." the messenger answered

Hearing this the leader then grins, "Well then, once this person arrives we'll just have to be prepared but not for that incompentent fool Stan, but to make sure no one disgrace us and gets away with it!"

"Where do you think this man Stan failed to lure will be going to?" asked one of the black eyed kids

"From the looks of it, he's heading toward Ontario which is where we are right now," said the messenger

"Then we'll let him and be sure to greet him as well," the leader sneered

After that the meeting is adjourned.

Next morning at the Holiday Inn, Michael got up at 7:30 in the morning and said "What a night!" as he is ready to leave.

What's in store for Michael? Once he reach Ontario, Canada will he be able to avenge his friend's death or will the Black Eyed Kids get the last laugh? Find out next time!