Abu Muhammad grew up idolizing the infamous terrorist group known as the "Black September". After watching the news of how they murdered eleven athletes representing Israel at the Olympics of 1972 in Munich, his family would then celebrate along with their neighbors since it's a huge event to them. Since then, Muhammad have aspired to become a suicide bomber like his father have along with his older brothers as well. But unfortunately, his dream of being a "martyr" would end in grade school. Muhammad fell asleep during class when their teacher was making a instruction from a video regarding on how to become a suicide bomber so that he won't blow up the future "jihadists" before they can get a chance to "prove themselves".

"Okay class, pay attention! I can only do this once!" said the teacher

In few minutes the television went static and everyone on the classroom cheered except for Muhammad as he was busy dreaming about owning a falafel stand. Being that he missed the most crucial part of his teacher's final class lecture, he failed the written exam regarding what to do as a suicide bomber. Since then he have been expelled from the school, disowned by his family, and was looked upon in disdain because he won't be a "martyr" or "freedom fighter". After few years he lost his faith and became an athiest although it didn't really matter anyway.

In spite of this, he would eventually find his calling as a assassin when at the age of 15, while robbing a local convenient store, the store owner would then tries to run. Muhammad was busy drinking an imported beer when he notice his victim was trying to escape, but by the time he did so, the store owner was already several blocks away. With that, he quickly took out a gun and shot him in the back several times although the first shot delivered the killing blow. Unbeknownst to him, the feat which featured his remarkable accuracy was witnessed by one of the Hamas officials who happened to be outside delivering a package to someone when the whole thing happened. Impressed, the official then came to Muhammad who then points the gun at him fearing that he's a cop looking to arrest him.

"Put dwon your weapon, I'm with the Hamas!" said the official

"What do you want? I have no job and my family shunned me!" Muhammad said

"I saw what you have done, I'm offering you a proposal to work for us, you'll be rewarded handsomely if you succeed!"

"I'm listening,"

After an agreement is made, Abu Muhammad was finally recruited by the Hamas where they would send him on series of missions. After years of success, he eventually grew tired and left the organization so he can become a hitman. Since then he would be hired by other terrorists organizations, mafias, and other people including the Raiders fans to terminate someone for a price that equals to $50,000 each it.

Muhammad and the leader of the BEK have known each other for some time as the latter have relied on him whenever a serious threat to his power arise. Never thought that someone would actually do that much damage to his BEKs, the leader decided something have got to be done, after all how dare that suspended NYPD cop killed some of his children? Not that he cared, but the fact it happened alarmed him.

Upon arriving in Ontario, Muhammad would meet the BEK leader in a limo and begins to discuss the target. Then the hitman receives a photo of Michael Connery and there he smiles, "That's the guy who gave you that much trouble? It'll be a piece of cake!"

"You better take him out...or else!" the BEK leader growls