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That clock is out to get me. The red second hand taunting me by ticking each second more slowly than the last.


And there goes another minute. Slowly. Seriously, even Einstein would've been able to see that this particular clock was bending some rule of physics just to torture me. Or maybe it needs another battery. Hmm...I like my Einstein theory better.


My attention turns from the instrument of my torture to Miss Howard, the third hour Geometry teacher. And that's when I notice everyone's attention is on me. I blame this one on the clock too.

"Sarah, do you know the answer?"

No, I don't. I don't even know the question!

"Um, no, I don't. I wasn't paying attention. Sorry." Not really.

Miss Howard shook her head in exasperation, as if I were the only student in the history of students to not pay attention. "I hope you know this is going to be on the test tomorrow. The clock isn't going to give you the answers."

"Yes, Miss Howard." Yeah, right.

She turned on her heel and began some lecture. Now, I swear I was going to listen and pay attention like a good girl but Dawn wasn't going to let me. A balled up piece of paper hit the back of my head. After years and years of going through this sacred little ritual of hers, I turned around and said, "What?"

"Ready to get out of here?"

"After this class?"



A smile from her. I smiled too. It was great to know that I could talk to at least one person in this school with a few words and we could still understand each other. That's how connected me and my best friend were. My best friend, Dawn Crimsen. Who has sat directly behind me in every single class we've had together since kindergarten. And she's still felt the need to hit me with paper balls instead of just tapping my shoulder like a normal person. Then again, she's not a normal person.

Dawn is way too pretty to be classified as normal. A perfect complexion. No blemishes at all. I would kill to know her secret. Especially when I get that unexpected little pimple after too much chocolate. With her long, silky, sand colored hair framing a pale-peachy face and deep pools of blue she calls eyes, most guys would fall right at her feet and beg for mercy. But high school doesn't work that way. Dawn has the looks but not the reputation. By reputation I mean money and cars and brand name clothes. Like the Populars. And that's what stops a mobile mountain of males from following her every step. Just goes to show how shallow people really are.


Five minutes already? Gathering my stuff, I sent a glare to the wall across me. Stupid clock.

"Come on, come on!" She jumped up and down next to me. "You're gonna have to dump your stuff inside my locker anyway. It'll slow us down if we take our backpacks."

I thought back to when everyone was staring at me when Miss Howard called on me. "And we'll draw attention. I don't know about you but I don't like people staring at me."

With that weird telepathy mind reading thing only Dawn can do on me, she knew I was talking about the moment everyone in class was all eyes on me. "You should pay more attention then if you don't like it." There was a faint teasing tone in that little comment that was all too familiar.

"Oh yeah, and you're a perfect angel. Who's idea was it to skip school today?"

"Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. No one says 'skip' anymore."

I rolled my eyes.

That's Dawn. Always knowing what was "in" these days. She really does have the potential to become one of the Populars.

We stepped out of the door of our second period Geometry only to be attacked by Bailey. Well, Dawn was attacked. I watched with, I'll admit it, some amusement. It was funny to see her getting a huge bear hug from her brother and sticking out her hand to me and twitching it like she was suffocating...

Oh, maybe she is...

"Dammit, Bailey!" Dawn breathed in air like it was a blessing, running a hand through her hair to try and fix it a little.

Bailey laughed and I noticed just how deep his voice had gotten. I hadn't seen him in a long time. It's not like he had gone out of state or something. He just never came to school or stayed at his house for longer than it took him to eat a peanut butter sandwich. ("It's not just a sandwich, Sarah. It's a gourmet sandwich." He had told me once when I was studying with Dawn at her house.)

Bailey patted her head, messing up what little she had fixed. "Where's my little sister and her sandwich insulting friend going?" I laughed. It's like he had read my mind. The small smile on his face told me he did remember our last encounter after all.

"What do you mean where are we going?" Dawn said a little too defensively. "We were going to class but you're in our way. And even if we weren't, it's none of your business where we go." She turned to me. "Right Sarah?"

"Huh?" I wasn't planning on being put in the middle of this. "Uh..."

"Right!" She yelled triumphantly and directed her gaze at her older brother again. "See? Sarah's on my side."

But I didn't say anything...

Bailey's mouth twitched, like he was trying not to laugh at how childish his sister was acting and how obvious she was making it was that we were going to skip school. "Okay, go to class." He grinned and I got the feeling that he really did know exactly where we were going. I wonder if it runs in their family to be psychic.

"Come on Sarah." Dawn grabbed my wrist and started to drag me along the hall, taking the getaway Bailey offered us.

"Before you go skipping, grab my stuff from the boys' locker room for me!" We heard him yell behind us.

"The boys' locker room?!" Too bad she was right next to me. My left ear was already throbbing.

"Do it or I'll tell Mom."

I mentally rolled my eyes. The old "Or I'll tell Mom" excuse. Only Bailey.

Dawn grunted in annoyance at being told what to do. Only Dawn.

We made our way through the stream of students with my best friend leading and me still being dragged. A few twists and turns later we were in standing in front of the entrance to the boys' locker room.

"So..." Dawn dragged out the word, trying to make it seem like all she wanted to do was start a casual conversation. "You go first."

I gaped at her. "He's your brother!"

"If you were my best friend you'd do it for me."

Great. She pulled out the "best friend" thing on me. I sighed. Too bad it worked every time.

Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, my hand gripped the knob and twisted it. Please don't let there be anyone in there, please don't let anyone be in there, I kept repeating in my head. I opened one eye and let out the air I'd been holding. It was empty.

"Which one do you think is Bailey's locker?" She said coming in behind me.

I sighed. "Are you saying that you don't know?"


I started for the door. "Tell me how it goes."

"Sarah, wait!" She grabbed my wrist. "I thought you were my best friend."

"Dawn, we don't know which locker it is. Let's get out of here before someone sees us."

"Who's gonna see us?"

She had to jinx it. Just at that moment, the door to the showers opened and...

"What are you doing?"

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