The eyes of evil have a life of their own. The eyes of evil belong with fire, for the beads are the start of the fire of misery. They are the black hearts of hate. They are the vindictiveness behind lies. They twist others wills. They scare the brave.

The eyes of evil fly. They soar through the air, watching and waiting for the time to strike. Their plumage is thick, it's blackness so glossy that it looks as if there's oil upon it. The eyes can see all things, from the thoughts of kindness to the words of hate. Nothing can hide from the eyes that see.

The traits of evil are within the eyes and the sight. On the outside though, is a normal thing, a regular bird. The bird needs food to sustain itself, and it is even omnivorous. It's scaley feet and rounded beak make it like any other kind of bird. It has a normal internal body. It is a crow.

The crow is a bird and is like others in the bird species. The animal itself is not evil. It's the reason for them being placed here that makes me afraid.