I can't help but laugh

My whole body tingles

Just thinking about you

Just imagining your face

Your beautiful eyes

I can hardly contain it

I can hardly keep my heart from bursting

It is overflowing

Is this what it feels like to be in love?

Is this how it feels?

Never have I felt anything like this before


I can hardly sit still

Tears come to my eyes

But only because I'm so unexplainably happy

So happy

I want to dance

To shout

To laugh

To sing

How can you do this to me?

How can one person affect me so much?

And to make this even stranger

You're not even mine


I can tell you like me

Love me?

But I still have to win you

But I don't care

I feel like nothing can stop me

Nothing can keep me from you

Just to know you care

It sets me on fire

I would do anything for you


Part of me whispers "danger!"

But I know of all the men on earth

He deserves me trust

He would never hurt me

I don't deserve him

I know

For all the time I knew him I always liked him

He was my crush

But it grew

And now I love him with everything I have

And he likes me

He loves me!

I feel as if I could do anything

If I wanted to I could fly

But all I want is to be with him

To have him hold me

Kiss me

I can't stop thinking about him

I can't stop smiling

I can't help laughing

My whole body tingles

Is on fire

When I think of him

I love him so much

I can hardly stand it

My heart is about to burst

And I don't care

I'm in love

I'm in love

I'm in love!