Trip tonight?

Let's. I could get a bottle

At the store before I change shifts.

I went

But didn't have enough money

Now there's a bunch of drama

Some client

Tried to do battle

And I shut her down

Why today

Of all strange days

To hassle me with unwanted challenge?

I'm still shaking

But it's not from fear

Nor anger… what is it?

Violent vibrations

Resurfacing tensions

And a long walk down the old, beaten path

Too many turns

On this so long and winding road

That bests my honest reach for conscience

Without turning

I see enemies mounting on the hilt of battle

Riding the bare blade edge to sever my corded decency

Decadent pilings

And a smooth undertaking

Illuminate the flowers laid suspended

A peaceful, warming glow

To fill the chamber

Scatter their radiance like an overheated muffler

From the balcony doors

Peering over the edge

In immature appreciation

You dared mock my genuity?

What circus parade have you just stepped out of

To bring your slinkering neighborhood-watch fancy

Careening down my emerald chasms

To echo loudly, crudely, brazen

To meet pine-comb jagged philosophy

Cruel and swift as eagle's dive

On the sandstone-sifted agency of renewal

Inching, filling forth in no mean temperance?

Mock, the parade

And see the sun

That lights the world

You shelter from

So what if you've lost the verve

The power's in your spinal nerves

So locked, unsteady, on the edge

One push, one fall, you're good as dead

I see the sun, through the dream of a flower

Beyond the vast forest, on the hill this late hour

So much is said in moments spent

Glistening in her eyes

Just give me one more moment

To speak freely from disguise

By virtue of youth, I have none to spend

I grow and I twist, still refuse just to bend

My brothers and sisters I see every day

Go by in just moments, when I look away

Leaf-green and emerald, in spite of the truth

Absent from reason, in love with the proof

Delicious, the morning, in cold wash of night

Belief in it coming is all I hold tight

In painting an image, find faith in a dream

In love for another, find me by the stream

Unlock then, the doors, and just meet me outside

Just one breath of brilliance, and you will decide

A/N: Been a pretty turbulent day for me... =/