Ignored by 'DraganMir'


The was once a boy,

Still a vulnerable teen.

The others disliked him,

Enjoyed being mean.


As he sunk down,

Through tides of despair.

Agony and anguish,

At the door to Death's lair.


He saw no way out,

Nobody to be his guide.

The others ostracized him,

Caused him to run and hide.


His pain he concealed,

He put on a silent front.

Still he was mocked,

Of jokes he was still the brunt.


An idea began to form,

An end to the pain.

He had nothing to lose,

And something to gain.


This prospect was grim,

To take his own miserable life,

Though it provided a small comfort,

It was better than his daily strife.


He had the means,

Any old blade or a bottle of pills.

Either of which could easily end,

All of his ills.


Him, the outcast, the strange,

Surely no one would miss.

He felt all alone in the world,

Longed for Death's kiss.


Indecision's vice gripped him,

He was not a Believer.

He didn't know what waited beyond,

None could be life's retriever.


The pain was too much,

He made his life's choice.

From this world he is gone,

No one would ever hear his voice.


This outcome was not imagined,

The regret was widespread.

He was the loner,

And now he was dead.


At the cost of a life,

That treatment was ended.

The pain of regret was felt by all,

The mental wound could not be mended.


A lesson was learned,

One life too late.

The outcast now gone,

He altered his own fate.