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With that said, here's the (short) prologue.

Fallen from Heaven
by Tsuki no Reikou


She continued to walk, her high heels clicking against the cement pavement. She was a beautiful woman, with a red outfit that accented her curves and bright blue eyes that usually dazzled everyone she met. She walked with confidence, not afraid of the night, and held her head up high.

A honk from a black sleek car caused her to turn towards the street. The window on the driver's side lowered, revealing a rather handsome face. Her lips started to form a smile but she stopped upon noticing the somber look on the other's face.

"What's the matter?" she asked, worried. He was usually not serious, being a fun-loving creature.

"Trouble, deary," he said, frowning. "The Higher Ups are sending a red alert to all agents down here."

"What? Why?" she asked, eyebrows knitted together.

"Someone's killing the loved ones of the members of the High Council. There's already been four reported dead."

Her eyes widened. "Who...?"

"Abigail, Sratos, Ohru, and Nain."

She shook her head, saying a small prayer for the four lost. "Who would do such a thing?"

He sighed. "Don't know. That's why I'm here to warn you. Be careful, alright, deary?"

She smiled. "Of course, Ben."

"It's Benjamin!" he protested with a frown. She only continued smiling at him until he finally bid her good-bye, raising the window back up and driving off. She watched him go before biting her lower lip nervously, continuing on her way. However, if someone was more observant, they would notice that she lacked the confidence she had beforehand.

Troubled, she wondered who could be killing them. It had to be someone who didn't like the High Council; they couldn't go against the members so they were going against the ones they loved instead. She scowled, marring her angelic features.

'What cowards they are, then.'


He stood in an alleyway, dressed in a black trench coat with a pair of sunglasses hiding his eyes. He was not bothered by the blood that was splattered all around him. Instead, he was more concentrated on the area on the wall that wasn't covered in blood, arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Archangel Zechariah..."

Sparing a glance at the mangled body that laid on the ground, he allowed a smirk to appear on his face, remembering how her eyes had widened once she had recognized him. She had put up a good fight, fitting for someone who was related to one of the strongest in Heaven.

Something sparkled from the corner of his eye and he turned to see that it was the necklace that had fallen off her neck during the fight. Inspecting it, he decided that it could probably be of some use to him later and pocketed it.

"For your crime of killing the occupants of the Moon Temple and stealing the Staff of Miracles..."

He magicked the blood off his clothes and then looked around at the feathers that were scattered about the ground. It wouldn't do if the mortal discover that angels were real, even if he was no longer a part of them. He supposed that he could do a few good deeds here and there. In a blink of an eye, all but one disappeared, the last one appearing in his palm.

He would send it to her brother instead.

"The High Council hereby denounce you of your Archangel rank..."

Having cleared the scene of everything that could be connected to the supernatural, he once again turned back to the empty space on the wall, intently staring at it. He wondered if there would be enough room for what he was about to do.

Deciding that he could always clear away some of the blood, he lifted his hand towards the wall.

"...restrict you of your powers..."

A few minutes later, he stepped back to observe his work and decided it was satisfactory. With one last look at the body, he looked up at the sky and a pair of large wings sprouted from his back, grey feathers raining down from the heavens.

A split second later, he was gone.

"...and condemn you to wander on Earth as a Fallen One."