it is very humanly possible

to shock oneself by connecting

a to b, and feel hips slide

up and down against one's own

lovers laugh in sheets and shy

away from silly breaths and wrap

seductively in thousand count mother

fucking egyptian cotton because

sex is expert, and very likely



in one way or another, every lady

has been surprised to find herself

behaving like less than a socialite

when she bites the shoulder of her partner

and craves the rush that comes after


you should like to stand in windows

naked, skin showing into the street

scandalizing the wives on their way to market

while she kisses you from the bottom up

to the nape of your neck, keeps a firm

grip on your ass, and shows you the world

that you couldn't see before because you were

too busy looking at her undressing herself


the day is new and her skin in the early

dawn looks like hot cocoa, spilled over

the new egyptian cotton. she's a sweet girl,

you know. or she will be until you ask her to

politely get the fuck out. she'll understand.

or you will.