A/N: This one was inspired by my friend Noelle, who a while back told me a hilarious story that is eerily similar to the beginning of this one. (At the mall near me, the GameStop really is across from the Victoria's Secret, and it happens to be my absolute favorite place ever.) A worker at the game store really did ask her to marry him. Of course she said no because he wasn't cute or around our age at all, so it was kind of creepy. Not anything like Emily and Caleb, haha, but whatever. I figured it'd make a cute one-shot. I know it's short, deal with it. Enjoy!

thank you, please come again.

Emily loved the GameStop at the mall because they had these bells on the door that jingled whenever someone entered or exited. She knew it wasn't the only place that had them, but still. She liked the sounds they made when you opened the door. Another thing she loved about this particular GameStop was the workers, and seeing their shocked expressions when she walked in.

They'd be like, "Welcome to GameStop, how may I…help…you?" She never had found it easy to hold in her laughter. They acted like they'd never seen a teenage girl who played video games before.

Which of course, they probably hadn't.

That explained why when she walked up to the counter to buy a new charger for her old school gameboy, the cashier stared at her and said, "What are you doing here?" She held in another laugh. The cashier this time was a boy about her age, and he was staring at her pink Abercrombie shirt and Hollister jeans.

"I'm buying a charger for my gameboy. Is that so hard to believe?" she smirked.

"Kind of," Cute-register-guy said. "You don't meet many girls that shop both here and across the hall."

Emily really did laugh out loud that time. She knew that the Victoria's Secret was right across from the GameStop. That's why she loved this section of the mall unconditionally.

"Yeah well, there's a first for everything," she said.

"Will you marry me?"

Emily stared at him. Speaking of firsts, that had definitely never happened before.

"Well, I don't know…" she began. "What's in it for me?"

"What's in it for you?" he asked, confused by her question and surprised that she was actually playing along at the same time.

"Yeah," she said. "Come on, you get an amazingly gorgeous wife. So what do I get?"

He smiled. "Well. You get an equally, if not more, gorgeous husband," he started. Emily raised her eyebrows at this part. "…and, you get 20% off this charger."

"Hmm. I'll have to think about it. I mean, I don't even know your name."

"I don't know yours, either," he pointed out.

"Emily," she said. "Now your turn."


"Well, Mr. Caleb. I don't think I can even consider marrying you if you don't even have a ring to give me. That's kind of lame, isn't it?" she asked, smirking at him.

"You make a good point," Caleb said. "But fear not! You can have this." He grabbed Emily's hand and slipped a mood ring onto her finger. Examining the ring, Emily couldn't help but let out a huge, genuine smile.

"Okay, deal," she said.

Caleb laughed. "Well then I now pronounce you Mrs. Caleb Johns," he said, ringing up her charger. "20% off, as promised."

"Are you even allowed to do that?" Emily asked, gesturing to the computer screen.

"Not really," Caleb said. "But don't worry about it. I'll cover the expenses. You are my wife, after all."

"Of course," she said, taking the paid for charger from his hands. "Well, I'm off. Thanks."

"No, thank you, and please come again."

The bells on the door jingled as she left.


Emily played with the mood ring Caleb had given her as she waited for him to pick up the phone. She'd gotten his number off the receipt for her gameboy charger (she'd laughed out loud when she was the sprawled digits next to her signature) and was now calling him a day later.


"What's up, husband?" she said casually into the speaker.


"The one and only," she said.

"Awesome! Hey, want to go out with me?" Caleb asked. Emily was surprised at how forward he was. You couldn't find many guys like that nowadays.

"Hmm," she said, deciding to torture him a little bit. "Only if you take me to see that new Drew Barrymore movie. Today."

"What? But that's a total chick-flick!" he complained. Emily laughed.

"Yep. Now come pick me up. I live on Anderson Street, by the mall. Third house on the right, it's blue."

"Right now?"

"Yes right now. Now come on! Your lovely wife's waiting for you."

"Fine. But I pick the candy," he said. "Hope you like Sour Patch Kids, 'cause you're not getting out of this one." Then he hung up.

Fiddling with the ring once more, Emily checked her hair and put on her cute purple jacked from Aeropostale. It wasn't until after she saw Caleb pull up in his jet black Beamer that she realized she was going on a date with a guy she'd only just met the previous day.

She wondered how he'd done it. Gotten her to like him so fast, that is. Maybe it was his cute black hair, or his crooked smile, or just his overall cashier-boy charm.

But whatever it was, Emily liked it, and that's why she agreed to go out with him in the first place. Why she ate almost half a bag of Sour Patch Kids, even though she hated them. Why she let him kiss her on the first date, and accepted the bouquet of flowers that came on their one year anniversary. Why she agreed to marry him, four years later, for real this time; and why she proudly wore the diamond engagement ring on the same finger as the cheap mood ring he'd given her years before.

It was why Emily loved Caleb, and that would never change. Not ever.