What You Got

You got a look in your eyes

And oh boy, was I surprised

When I found that you were looking at me

I was in a state of shock

And before I could talk

It had been an hour- or three

It was when my friend hung up

And he'd said some stuff

About a bird, or maybe a tree

Because by then, I couldn't refrain from laughing

It all came to a stop

When I finally caught

The image in those eyes

It was an image of me

And then I couldn't speak

You were just so pretty

A/N: Um, I just wrote that today, I woke up and just started writing it down.. So yeah, it probably makes no sense, and other stuff like that. But it's been put up, I hope you enjoyed!! Oh, and sorry if the title of it doesn't make sense.. I don't have a clearer one to put, this one will just have to stick. (RR Please!)