Maribeth likes him, too.

Which, by the way, makes me feel as if I'm stealing something of hers.

I better clarify the situation.

My name is Arabella Marie Adams and I am madly in love with Emerson Luis. I've never been the type to flawn over boys, but this one is different. With his big brown eyes and soft black hair, I fell for his looks the moment I saw him. With his soft voice, calling me Arabella Marie, my ears rejoice as if they had heard the greatest of sounds! His mature reasoning and intene devotion towards what we're arguing about actually makes me want to change my opinion. I'm honestly confused at how any girl wouldn't love him!

Which is why I shouldn't be surprised that Maribeth Moore likes him as much as I do.

Maribeth and I are just acquantices. We're not the best of friends, but we're still friendly towards one another. So why do I feel so bad about liking the same person she does?

That settles it!

Maribeth Moore better watch out.

She has a new rival!