This is where you left me

Sitting here

Next to an empty seat

But, it isn't that bad


Isn't as lonely

As one may think

It's calming

Not having to think of others

Worrying only of yourself

No qualms over what may become

Of the people you once loved

My mind considers


It never did before

Acts of greatness

That have never been completed

But, in a way I miss you

You caused me heartache

But there were attributes

That I really loved

I loved your forever messy hair

Your wild blue eyes

The way you jumped at every little scheme

That came to your mind

I loved your strength

And your stability

I loved the way you loved easily

Even though you fell out more quickly

I loved the way you caught me

And how you held me up afterward

I loved your tender touch

But not when that touch hurt

But mostly, I loved you

And the way you stared

I loved the way you held me

And made me feel as if you really cared

So yeah, I miss you

But as my mind considers

What had never occurred before

I wonder if you miss me too