You used to sing, Let if fall, let it fall
Until you lost your voice. You used to hear
The music in a word and the poetry in a song, a total
Disregard for what everyone else thought. You used to
Care about the difference between right and wrong, but
Now you're only left and right, left and right.

You used to proclaim, Let it fall, let it fall when the black
Horses rode up to your window at night. You used to
Dance to the rhythm of the world spinning and the joy of
Being alive. You used to sit with the sinners and laugh at the
Saints. After all, only the good die young. Might as well
Live to die another day

You used to hear the clockbeats, now you Let it fall, let it fall.
Now you've zipped up your heart in a black designer
Jacket, and we both let it fall. The only difference between us
Parallel opposites is what's fallen. We used to sing, harmony,
And now you've regained the voice you lost. But you still only
Let it fall

A/N: I do not claim ownership of the song Only The Good Die Young, seeing as I am not Billy Joel. This poem is the product of mass amounts of Ok Go's Let it Rain, Only the Good Die Young, and being extremely bored during AP Economics. A personal thank-you to both artists (who will not read this, but that's okay) for writing damn good lyrics.