Of the mind

Of the heart


Of the feeling

Of the soul


My every thought

My every action

This is what you've done

Your final result

Of your now completed plan

Using me

Was what you intended

And you have your gratification

But, why continue?

If you've won

Why gloat in my face?

Maybe you enjoy your power

The way you know I'll bend

To every word you say

I want to get away

Clear my mind

Regain my own control

But you don't see

My struggle

You just continue the torture

Because I'm sick of this

Sick of your prejudice

Prejudice of how I'm weaker

Weak I may be

But you're simply dimwitted

Because you don't see the details

My courage is rising

My strength returning

And rising higher than yours

You just don't see it

You're caught up in your game

But you will be beat




Of the situation

That is now in my hands