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Wait a minute…

Greggykins being here isn't a good, thing, is it?

He's exactly as I remembered, blond hair and eyes, and black clothes, and his undeserved air of confidence about him.

At least I think it's undeserved. I mean, hey! He almost pushed me into the mud!

Seth wouldn't do something like that…

But he would drop me cause he's getting off from me being almost scared to death.

Stupid… bastard…

Compared to that, Greggy seems to be a better choice.

Well, then again, he did violate me…

…So did Seth.

Well, at least Seth hasn't threatened to kill me.

And almost killed me on accident.

He also made me his unwilling mate.


Well, it's not Greggy's a choice for me, anyway.

He's too yellow. And cocky.

Hehe. Cock.

Whoa. I thought I was done with that phase. Apparently not…

"You must be a pretty good fuck if Seth keeps you around."

Another whoa. Where the hell did that come from?

Well, Greggy obviously, but why?

I should just stay quiet, maybe back up a few feet, and maybe he might leave?

I really don't know why, but I'm thinking of the song Touchdown Turnaround by Hellogoodbye. Has totally nothing to do with this.

Fuck it's hot out here. I wanna go back inside…

"I want to try you out a bit."

"What?" Damn it Jay! I'm supposed to be quiet!

Greggy wasn't all that far away from me. Just inside the trees, and he advanced on me, and I tried stepping back.

Well, I didn't try, I did.

And squeaked when he held out a hand.

I fucking squeaked. That's so fucking… unmanly!

What the fuck does manliness have to do with this anymore. I'm the girl of the relationship and all that. Something to do with ukuleles.

Whatever, Seth's the pitcher and I'm the catcher, through and through.

And I'm not a whore. There's no fucking way I'd do anything with Greggy. Not now that I'm Seth's mate, and he threatened that cheating meant pain.

How much pain? He didn't say, and I didn't want to risk it.

And he'd know. I don't know how on that, either, but for some reason, I don't want him to think that I'd do something like that when I'm with him.

Hey, at least I know Seth wasn't afraid of commitment.

I should compliment him on that.

If I remember.

Now, back to Greggy.

He was still walking forward, and I was still walking backward, hoping like hell that I wouldn't fall.

I stumbled, kept myself on my feet, and continued on.

…Back. Whatever.

I thought about turning tail, and running off to the house, but the minute I turn around, I got a face full of sun, and it fucking hurt.

Of course, now I was practically blind, with Greggy still coming at me.

But he wouldn't molest an in-pain-person-whose-gone-blind, would he?

The fact that I got a hand on my ass doesn't make me feel all that confident about it.

And no, it's not my hand.

Holy fuck!

He squeezed.

I'm wondering why the hell I'm not doubled over in excruciating pain, because of the thing that Seth said that would happen if I tried to cheat on him.

Okay, he didn't what would happen, other than that I would be in pain. This sounds kind of familiar…

"What the fuck are you doing?" I wished it was Seth saying that, but sadly, it was me.

God my ass hurts right now. Greggy ain't helping at all.

He's exasperating it.

Heh. Just wanted to say that.

Not the time to be laughing about it right now.

I still had my hand over my eyes. I stopped moving, of course, cause there was no way in hell I was about to embarrass myself cause I fell on my ass.

Maybe I should sit down though?

I mean, that'd help with the unwanted groping, right?

Maybe get a chance to wait for Seth to come rescue me, right?

And with that, plopped down on the grass.

Holy fuck!

It's fucking WET!

But no, I won't get up!

But why the hell would the grass be wet when it's so fucking hot?

I'm about to start fucking sweating.

You know…

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea to come out here.

Thing is…

I used to spell thing- took me a while to figure out that thang doesn't work on anything.

Back to the thing is…

Thing is…

Greggy wasn't touching me anymore.

But there was something that was slamming against something behind me.

A scream, some thuds, something that sounded like it was breaking.

Then it was all quiet, and not even the birds chirped.

Kidding, the little rats were as annoying as usual.

"What the fuck are you doing out here?!" I heard yelled into my ear, and I flinched.

And then almost screamed when I was picked up, and thrown over what I believed to be Seth's shoulder.

It sounded like him, and it felt like him, though I've never been thrown over anyone's shoulder before, especially not his.

Not a great experience, but it was new.

HEY! I can see!

Still a lot of spots, but its there.

My sight I mean.


"Quit moving around or I'm going to drop you." Seth doesn't seem too happy.

Probably better do what he says.

Well, sorry for being happy that I wasn't blind anymore.

My ass is still wet.

I didn't even know how close to the house we were until I heard a bang, and then we were through the door.

At first I thought he broke it open, but it looked fine.

I also thought Seth was going to put me down once we got inside, but no.

Damn, it's all coming in a row. One good guess, and now it's all bad.

But yeah, Seth just kept carrying me around, until we got his room. He kicked the door closed with his foot, and pushed me onto the bed.

White dots in my eyes or not, I could still see him going for my pants.

I didn't even get to do anything, before he pulled them off and flung them across the room.

Again, I guessed wrong, cause I thought he was going to jump on me to have his angry way with me, but he only stood back, and started pacing.

"What the fuck do you think you were doing?" He said.


"Why the fuck did you go out there? Are you that stupid?!"

I stared at him in surprise as he glared at me.

Then I stood up, and he was about to yell at something, and even put his hands up, to push me back, but it was too late.

I heard a nice resounding 'smack.'

I was a bit sad that the most I could do was smack, and not punch, but for the fact that it felt like I broke my hand.

I sat back down on the bed, covered myself up with the blanket, and glared at Seth.

He stared at me in surprise.

And kept staring at me in surprise.

Then Seth's eyebrows scrunched together, and he sighed.

"Sorry." He apologized. I'm not sure why, because I was the one who hit him.

"For what?" I asked, watching as Seth came to stand before me, before dropping down on his knees, and leaning on my knees, not even looking me in the face.

Well, of course not, since his head was on my legs.

"You really had me fucking scared, you know that?" He mumbled.

"Why?" It's not like he knows me all that well. This isn't like some Las Vegas marriage thing. Well, maybe it is, cause we didn't know what the hell we were doing, and now we're stuck together.

Seth finally looked up at me.

"Because you're my mate."

"Do you really care about me that much because of that?"

"Not just because. I don't know how to explain it. There's something about you that I like. I can't put my finger on it. Shit. You get me so mad all the fucking time, but I just want to keep you around."One hell of a confession, I commend you.

It was quiet again. Seth put his head back down on my legs.

Great, make me feel really fucking guilty for smacking him. Not really sure why I even did it. Guess I was just tired of people calling me an idiot.

Well, since I fell into Greggy's trap, I guess I really am.

What the hell am I kidding? I've known since long before I even met Seth that there was something wrong with me.

Might even be mental, but you all already know that. I'm pretty sure we already went over the mental hospital escapee thing.

I'd be really fucking pissed if I found out that this was all delusions made up from my over crazed mind because of some horrific incident that I endured as a child.

Not that I been through any traumatic times, at least not all that many.

Benji died, so I guess that could have done it.

He was such a good dog, too…

Stupid drunk driver…

"But really, why the fuck did you go out there? You know that it wasn't safe."

"He lured me with candy and video games."

Seth didn't look too happy with that excuse, when he looked back up at me. Truth was, I didn't want to tell him that I risked my life just because I saw something shiny.

'How'd you die?'

'I saw something shiny.'

Yeah, that'd go over well.

"He must be even more conspiratorially evil than we thought." I nodded my head to show that I really thought that.

Seth didn't say anything to that, just put his head back down.

"What'd you do to him?" I asked, cause I just remembered that Seth did something to him.

"I made sure that he'd never touch you again." Uhuhuhu, dark.

"Did you kill him?" I kind of hope not. I don't think the guy deserved it.

I was a bit relieved when Seth shook his head no.

"No, but I made sure he knew that if he ever tried to do something to you again that he'd wished he was dead."

I felt proud at that. At least I was with someone who could actually stand up for the both of us.

Unless Greggykins was a complete and total wuss.

Nah, he's too evil to be like that. Molesting me when I've been mated… Psh.

Just goes to show how disgusting perverted most people are.

Myself excluded.


Anyway, we stayed like that for a while, me sitting with my hand on Seth's head, which was in my lap.

That is, until he stood up a bit, pushed his pants down, and then pushed me back.

And then parted my legs, and got in between them.

"What are you do-" Was all I got out before he kissed me harshly.

"I'm going to make sure everyone, human or demon, knows that you're mine."

Oh wow.

I didn't even get a chance to say anything before he bit me. My neck I mean.

Wasn't too hard, but it kind of hurt.

But the fact that he was starting to seem a little obsessive and jealous turned me on.

Just goes to show you, stalkers are crazy people, inside and out.

But you can't help but love some of them.

Well, the good ones anyway.

You know what?

Just the select few.

Yeah, that.

You know what?

Just Seth.

But he's mine!