I see what you go through
I wish I could tell you I know what it's like
I stand there in silence
Just watching as they call you dyke

I watch them harass you
But my feet are frozen to the ground
I'm afraid and ashamed
So I make no movement or sound

I don't wear lots of colors
I don't want them to think I'm like you
My feet are still rooted to the floor
I wish there was something I could do

You fight back but you're out numbered
It's always a billion to one
You're on the verge of crying
They're laughing and having fun

When they finally break you
You're bruised and beaten on the floor
My eyes are glued to the ground
I can't watch this anymore

I take a couple steps back
I know you know I'm there
My lips are glued shut
In my weakness I can only stare

When they are done they leave you there
Broken, battered, and bruised
Your eyes align with mine
Your face tells me you're angry and confused

But what did you want me to do?
You know I'm too weak to fight
I'm not as strong as you
But hey, at least you're still alright

I know what they did was cruel
I know what I didn't do was worse
But my feet are glued to the floor
And my voice is only strong in verse