My Dear, Lovely, Wonderful Readers,

Thank you for reading "Quartetto," which may very well be my magnum opus. I regret to inform you that I am now taking down all but the first 6 chapters due to the rampant plagiarism — theft, really — of many MM slash books from this and other free-posting forums. My friends Tali Spencer and J.p. Barnaby have both had their books stolen and published by thieves who, in some cases, didn't even bother to change the names of the characters!

Although I've had this story copyrighted for some time now, it still doesn't prevent someone from publishing it under a different title and making money off of it — stealing my brainchild and baby, over which I've labored for many years. So I'm deleting most of this behemoth in the hopes of eventually re-writing it and publishing a better, more concise version.

So far your reviews have not been deleted along with the chapters. I really hope they stay that way! I've cherished every one of them, especially those with constructive criticism. I hope to incorporate most if not all of your suggestions for the re-write.

Again, a huge thank you for following Brian and Johann's long journey! It's not over yet, and when it's ready to come out to face the public in its new form, I hope you will all welcome it back as an old friend.

All the Best,
Thea Nishimori