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Chapter 5

I scratched my head as I stared at the homework equations.

"Yuck," I stuck my tongue out and slapped my notebook shut. It was exhausting going to school. Up until now I have been home schooled by tutors. Where did dad go? Maybe he'd stop mom.

Yeah right, he would fall at my mom's every whim. I sat up and brushed a lock of hair that blocked my vision, screw homework. Throwing my legs over the side of my bed, I flopped my way down the marble stairs and into the kitchen.

"Ice cream…ice cream," I hummed to myself and dug through the loaded fridge. Thank god my mom has a sweets fetish. Smirking to myself, I bumped my freezer door shut and yanked the spoon drawer opened.

"Abigail!" my mom flew into the room, her fiery hair disarrayed. "W-why!"

I glanced up questioningly, the spoon hanging from my mouth. "What?"

"You weren't supposed to diss Lawrence!" she sputtered. Her bright green eyes fluttering upward to emphasize her shock. She paused. "Do you know a boy named Seth?"

"Seth? Always wears black…?" I muttered and pushed the spoon into the hardened ice cream.

"Yeah! That kid," she dug through the drawer and produced a tiny spoon. "He's a Prince as well!"

Oh, wow, goodie.

I narrowed my eyes at her suspiciously. "So?…And why would there be TWO princes just so happen to be in the same school as me?"

A gleeful smile painted my mom's frosting stained lips. "Oh! How romantic. Two princes throwing themselves at your feet!"

My spoon froze above the ice cream. No, she did not. "…Mom, are you planning something?"

"Of course not, dear," she sang joyously and breezed out of the kitchen. "Only time will tell."

"Mom! I am not your toy!" I shrieked after her. "Besides, hell is going to freeze over before I fall for ANY of those two." Damn, lost my appetite.

The limo stopped at the end of the block.

"Thanks," I grumbled, barely coherent and walked towards the looming building. It's too early for school. I scratched my head and tried to rub the sleep that still clung to my eyes. Why must school always start so early. That was a rhetorical question, so you don't have to answer anything.

I walked into the dingy quiet building. I was always here super early by like half an hour or so. There was no one here. My foot lead me towards the gym. I yanked the door opened and felt my jaw drop open. How can this kind of school have all these sports equipment? Inside there were actually punching bags, rows of them! Ropes to climb and actually a few treadmills littered with some of those balls.

I dropped my backpack on the ground and walked up towards the punching bag. I tapped it with my fingers and it felt like electricity up my spine. That felt nice. Glancing around, I smiled timidly to myself. I had an hour to spare and my mom banned me from anything physical…so this might be fun.

"RAH!" I screamed and landed a kick way up on the punching bag, usually where the head was. It swung nonchalantly to the side and I did a roundhouse back kick, then I punched it several times, mashing up a few versions of judo, karate, and with a little Bruce Lee flare.

I grunted as I continued some kicks and punches. It felt nice as I glared at the bag. It looked exactly like Lawrence. That's right, Lawrence, eat this! I jerked my arm forward and knocked it super hard. It swung again. Then it began to melt into that guy Seth. I hated him too because he was part of my mother's scheme, whether he knew it or not.

"Eat this!" I grunt again and land another firm punch. I felt my lean muscles in my arms harden as I raised for another punch. I was breathing hard and beginning to sweat when I finish my little temper tantrum. "Ah."

A single, sardonic applause erupted in the gym. I gasped lightly and whirled around to face whoever was there. I see the mysterious Seth leaning against the door frame. His eyes were grey stone, like it is usually.

"Y-you," I sputtered, shocked. I felt my face flush with astonishment and embarrassment. Did he see me just do all that stuff?

"I never knew you were that good," Seth commented, casually. He took a long stride into the gym. I reached over and grabbed my bag subconsciously.

"You're not going to tell anyone, are you?" I winced at the fact that he had me under his finger. "I can't let anyone know."

Seth nodded, but it looked like he didn't take me seriously at all. "I have a few tricks too."

I didn't get what that had to do with anything at all. "Okay."

"But you have to keep quiet, as well," Seth addressed me, his voice husky but clear. It seemed like he wasn't talking about him knowing martial arts and stuff.

"You being a…"

"Prince," he finished. "It's quite amazing just how small this world is, right?"

I nodded, it was. Imagine having three royalties all at one dingy little high school. "Why don't you tell people that…you know, a prince?"

"I don't want to be like Lawrence," Seth responded bluntly. "I hate him. Only the teachers know that I am…you know."

Ha, no one knew that I was a princess.

"At least we have something in common," I reassured him and stepped forward. "I'm Abigail Johnson."

"Abby sounds better," Seth retorted and then he threw one more nonchalant glance at me before he did the single sound. "Shh." I obediently hushed up and slunk towards the wall. Before I could protest he leaned his elbow to the wall and put his hand on the other side of my face. "Don't move."

Click. The door opened and I was able to catch a glimpse of a teacher peering in.

"What are you doing?" The teacher asked, suspiciously. He tried to look over Seth to see who he was hiding. "Who's that you have there?"

"Nothing that you need to be concerned about, Mr. Carter," Seth called not looking back at the teacher. He leaned in and I was able to see his perfect, straight nose up close. "Don't let him see your face."

I stiffened as I felt his breathe tickle my cheek.

"Prince Seth, why are you being like that?" Mr. Carter took a step closer to Seth and I. Oh, crap! If they get a picture of me and him together, I'm done for!! Seth let out an exasperated sigh and yanked my arm towards him. Caught off guard, I stumbled forward and into his chest. He made it so that my face was buried against his chest and his arms intertwined tightly against my waist. Seth was undoubtfully warm, but a shiver of fear rippled up my spine anyways. This was my first time being so close to a guy. My left eye twitched and I pressed the balls of my fists against his chest.

"Let me--" I tried to say through his muffling shirt.

"It's nothing, Mr. Carter," Seth said huskily to the nosy teacher. I felt his voice reverberate through his firm chest. Mr. Carter tried to catch another glimpse of me, but I was well hidden in Seth's strong hold. "You should leave now."

Mr. Carter frowned at Seth, not knowing at what to say or do. Should he talk back to someone of royalty or just leave it be? His family was paying the school an awful lot of money, but getting information about Seth and his supposedly "nonexistent" love life would really real in the money he desperately needed.

"Who's that you have there?" Mr. Carter tittered, his green eyes flickering to my resisting figure. I fought against Seth's grip on me, trying to catch some air because I obviously couldn't being scrunched up against him like this.

"None of your business," Seth was beginning to get irritated at my resistance and at the teacher's curiosity. "If you don't leave, I swear to god," Seth glared, icily at the pudgy man. "I will make your life even worse than it is now." Mr. Carter blinked, frightened and his lips trembled.

"Y-yes," he whimpered and began to back away. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude…" Seth didn't even give the teacher a glance as the chubby man bustled out of the gym.

"Mmmff!" I protested against his stifling chest. "Let go!" I shoved him hard, finally breaking from his hold. "God damn it! Why'd you do that?" I shifted so that I was far away from him.

Seth shrugged, nonchalantly, "Because if he saw you, it'd be trouble. A lot of these teachers here wouldn't waste a heartbeat on turning information in about our personal lives."

I smoothed down my ruffled hair, still glaring angrily. "You didn't have to smother me!"

"If he got a picture of you, someone's bound to realize that one, you're a princess, and two…you're dating Prince Seth," Seth smirked at me, teasingly. He gently poked my collarbone causing me to take another step back to regain my balance. "You're welcome."

I sneered at him, spitefully, "You're just as bad as Lawrence."

Seth took that to deep offense and returned my icy glower. "I'm just doing this for you own benefit."

"I never asked you to," I retorted and then grabbed my bags from the ground. "Next time do all of us a favor and don't do things that are obviously unnecessary."

Seth scoffed at me and leered, "Sure. That'd make my life so much easier."

With a harrumph, I walked out of the gym and down the dimly lit hallway. The quiet, empty hallways gratefully echoed my footsteps as I trudged my way through it. That dumb old, fart! How dare he!?

I felt a sick feeling of dread roll into my gut as I thought things over with realization. Out of those two, one of them are most likely going to be my arranged partner for life! Basically, they are my candidates that my mom picked out for my arranged marriage.

The brooding and cold-blooded Seth that had major mood changes or Lawrence, the cocky, arrogant boy who loves attention. At that moment, I just about figured out that everything was nothing but a royal pain in the ass.

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